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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blended Babes Birthday!

Back row, left to right: Shirlee, Carol, Carolyn, Vicky
Seated: Quiltgranny Sharon, Ibby

Today was the first birthday stitch day of the year for Amazing Quilt Babe Carol (the tallest and youngest one of our group). For a reminder of how this works, check this blog entry, or this one about *my* birthday quilt from last year.

Carol had already made the little centers for this blended quilt, and had all the pieces for each block cut when she arrived about 9AM today. She and Shirlee (left, standing) had chosen the fabrics together last week, and I think they did a marvelous job! So we basically pieced 64 blocks that were like courthouse steps. The quilt pieces behind the group in the picture were all completed by noon, when Carolyn. The remaining 5 of us had lunch, talked about a couple of projects, and then sewed all the rows together. I think the centers will show up better if the picture is clicked for an enlarged view.

Voila! Happy Birthday, Carol!


Sandra said...

I love the colours, very pretty and restful - glad you all had a great day!

Lucy said...

This quilt is to die for !!! I love the pattern and the colors:c) .. And a group of quilters together is always fun ;c)

Bonnie said...

Whoooooooooooo! I LOVE THIS!! This looks SO great! Can you tell me what size the hour glass block in the center is and the width of the logs??? I just love this!


Sharon said...

It's called Garden Steps by Marsha McCloskey, in the book called Blended Quilts (I think). Each block is 9"x9".

For the quarter square triangle units, she uses 4.25" squares, cut diagonally corner to corner, then sew, yielding two HSTs from each pair. That HST unit = 3 7/8"

Match the pairs of HSTs, right sides together, nesting opposing seams. Cut diagonally corner to corner, and sew each unit together. Each unit should now measure 3.5" square.

Proceed from there like Courthouse steps~

Sarah said...

Sharon - This birthday quilt is great! I love the soft muted colors. Are you going to come over and sew for my b-day?