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Sunday, April 08, 2007

More from Asilomar Trip

Everyday my friend, Wendy and I left the park grounds, and each day we would stop and take a picture of this beautiful "butterflied" moose. There was a stained glass window in the house with butterflies, too, so I think the moose must be pretty special for them. Isn't it just wonderful?

And this is the sunset over the ocean about 7PM. The first picture was taken at 7:05 PM, the second was within about 5 more minutes, just as the sun started to sink below the horizon. In all the years I've been going to Asilomar, this is the first time I've ever gotten a clear night with no rain or clouds!

This is the project I finally landed on, and started on Thursday morning before I left on Friday. Making these blocks is really addictive, and far easier than I ever imagined. I can hardly wait to make more.

This will probably be the last post for a while, as Mother is declining rapidly now. I will be spending the next days at her bedside. Stay stitching, though, while I am away.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back from Asilomar

Just back yesterday from my week in California at Asilomar with Empty Spools and Dale Fleming (of 6 minute circle fame). Due to the flights returning to the Midwest from the coast, I always stay over the last night in San Jose, the come home on Saturday. I didn't get back home until close to 11 PM, and then I had a small crisis to handle with mother before I could turn in.

So, a few notes on the trip, with more promised later. This is another version of Dale's Butterfly quilt that is on her book, but it is in a different colorway. Everything is sewn on the sewing machine - no hand work at all! Isn't it great? (sorry for the angle, but it was on a work board and I just don't have the time to work on it in Photoshop)

This was our classroom. I'll tell you more about Asilomar and the buildings in the next blog post, but for now, you can see my work space. There were 24 of us in the class, and in addition to this working area, there is another smaller room with a fireplace behind where I took this picture where we sat while she discussed color, and techniques.
The grounds are so beautiful! This is what greeted me just outside my door when I went out in the morning to breakfast on the first day. Mule deer are just blending in the scenery everywhere!

This is probably one of my most favorite pictures I've taken while I've been at Asilomar. It was on the way to the beach early one morning. I looked over to my left from the boardwalk, and all I saw was the light fog leaving it's moisture on the grasses on the hill. I tried to get some of the birds (and couldn't) to stay still on top of some of the grasses so their silhouettes could be seen, too. It was so peaceful and beautiful with the day starting fresh. I hope that when you click to enlarge this picture, you can see the moisture, too.

Today was a quick trip to Mother's, and then a check around the yard. Hubby had been busy weeding while I was gone, and also worked on my last year's anniversary present that has been boxed up in the shed until warmer weather came. (Our anniversary is in December) Here's what he wanted me to see:

It's a kinetic sculpture we had seen when we traveled in Santa Fe and Taos NM last year. It's about 42" across, and about 6' or more from the ground. It turns with the slightest of breezes, and when it turns, the two sides turn opposite each other, and it also turns around and around. It's almost mesmerizing to sit and watch it. And watch it I will! I can see it from our eating nook, the hearth room, and my swimming pool area, too.

Next post will be my class projects and learning samples. Happy Spring!