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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Look what's happening at my house today!
Can you believe this?

Coming AND going!
I've had so many things going at one time time, I wondered if I was in the circus, juggling and running through the flames, and dodging the running horses! But, no, it's just my crazy life.

I absolutely love our new home. We have wonderful neighbors, the walking trails are gorgeous, and the house just suits us for just about everything we need/want. You notice, I said just about everything? Well, I couldn't get a house built around my strewdio, and we haven't finished the downstairs area, so my stewdio is where ever I find a spot. Right now, it's in the dining room/sun room, and I am liking it just fine. Remember way back when I took over the sun room at the BIG house? I have to keep reminding myself that this room IS the dining room, and I can't have it permanently. I'm still mulling over how I will get myself arranged.

In the meantime, I've taken a part-time job which I love a lot, too. I merchandise flowers for 4 different stores in a 181 mile radius from my house. I get paid hourly, and my car makes almost as much as I do, since I am paid mileage, and I drive a Prius! One normal weeks, I spend about 20 hours total checking in the inventory twice a week, and keeping the kiosks full and fresh. Then there's those holidays that require lots and lots of work and effort to keep the flowers moving from the coolers to the floor. I just finished Mother's Day, and my boss who is long distance away in another state reminded me that it is only about 37 weeks away from Valentines Day. I'll have a little bump in hours around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Valentines Day and Mother's Day are real killers with 15-18 hour days. The moolah is nice though, and I've totally paid for my two quilt retreats this year, as well as new outdoor porch furniture!

So that's it from this neck of the woods where you never know when it will flood (pictures in another post) or be a perfect sunshiny day! Onward to a girl's best!
Soon to be donated to the local Juvenile Diabetes Foundation