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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Gosh, has it really been that long since I posted on the blog? I had a couple of emails from folks a little worried about me, but never fear! I am OK! Not sleeping in the sun like my buddies! I've just been pretty busy doing a lot of nothing and more of everything else....

Let's see: I've gone to my first ever caucus (and we were the last polling place to get home that night and it snowed!) because there were over 1300 people who showed up; I've gotten a king size quilt top done and sent to it's rightful owner in exchange for some long arm quilting; I've gotten a couple of exchange blocks completed; I've gotten 3 bindings sewn on and needing to be handstitched down; I've gotten my practice piece done for my Sumptuous Surfaces class. Oh! Sumptuous Surfaces? What's that you say?

Well, after a lot of consideration, I decided to take a class with Sharon Boggin. I do NOT do embroidery, but her class covers design and design elements, as well as texture. What's not to like? Even though I am not really enjoying the embroidery stitching, I am enjoying the process as well as the finished results of the different textures. I have to admit I am at the point of having to force myself to sit down and do the stitching. I'll post pictures when it is further along. My design, however, is the Smithson Jetty in the Great Salt Lake.

I really can't post many pictures of what I am working on in the quilt stewdio right now. Lots of round robins and secrets! I AM sewing a lot, though. I have no idea how many of these petals need to be made since I haven't decided how many flowers will be added. Right now, though, each flower take about 22 petals or so.

These petals are inside out since I can't show you any of the fabrics I am using, either.

It's been pretty durned cold here, and gloomy to boot. Today was the first REAL sunny day in a long time. My buddies in the above pictures snoozed most of the day and followed the sun around. When I took their picture this morning, Clyde, was on the floor directly under Bonnie on the ironing board. And Papa was in the other corner wrapped up in his rag quilt snoozing away while I was planting flowers!

OK! I PROMISE! I won't wait two weeks or so before another post. And SOON, maybe I'll be able to post more pictures of what I'm working on.