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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Do you have the key?

Maybe I dreamed it. Maybe I thought it. I have no idea. What I do know is that I don't have a picture of it. Has anyone seen something like this:

A quilt that has a "picture" hole in it where there are quilted raw edge flaps folded back (and sometimes buttoned back). Where the flaps would have been (if left in place) is yet another quilted "picture" within. Some of them were straight edged (cut like and X) and some were curvy shaped.

I might have seen several of these small art quilts when I went to the Minnesota Quilt Guild's show last year in Rochester, MN. I didn't have my camera with me then, and that might be why I don't have pictures.

I'm looking for the technique to do this. I think I have something figured out, but if I could find a picture of one, or the actual instructions of how to do this, it would be great.


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Duct Tape???

I am just fascinated by the way we learn things.

Language in and of itself is just wonderful, isn't it? The reason I am talking about that here today is because I am working (in my mind) on my next "art" piece for the Kansas Art Quilters group. The theme is My World, and I've narrowed and narrowed and narrowed down my ideas to this: words.

I love to read; I love to hear different languages; I love the play on words. Words soothe me; words inspire me; words transport me; words lead me to new and different things.

Just this morning, I was Googling my thoughts to see if I could expand them further, and what did I find but this funny little video on YouTube.

Now, what in the world does this have to do with words? Nothing - nothing at all! Except that the way I found it was a string of words meaningful only to me - my own language of sorts: much like diagramming a sentence in the English language did for our English teacher. Does anyone remember doing that? Did I just age myself? LOL!

Now, just in case you are wondering. I have always wanted a dress form, but since I don't make clothes, what good would it do me? And do I really want to see a replicated form of my body sitting in my stewdio? LOL! But for those of you who do, that video is just the ticket!

At any rate, words are what I live by - and I'll bet you do too!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sew it's done!

Here's the finished baby quilt center for Deb's Pregnancy Project mentioned in the last post. I decided I would send the fabric for the borders and the backing and let her finish it to the size she'd like.

Now, I need to pick up all the pieces on the floor, run the vacuum, sort the scrap tub and begin all over again. My stewdio is starting to fold me into it, so I guess it's time, eh?

Next on the list is to sketch out my design for My World. An art quilt piece that I need to get finished by April 17. Actually, well before that so I can quilt it, and get photos taken for submission. I belong to the Kansas Art Quilters organization and this is our annual submission that will travel about the country for two years. The hardest part of this particular project for me is that I need fabric that has writing on it, or numbers or letters or hieroglyphs - and I can't just print it off, or write it myself. I'd like to have the various types of prints and colors in manufactured fabrics. I have some in my storage tubs, but I'm sure it will require a collecting venture as well. Anyone want to contribute some strips? I think I might even use some selvage edges that have writing as long as they have 1/4" seam allowance.

The next thing after that is to get some projects together for my Cambria retreat with my girlfriends in March. So far, I have some fabrics cut for one of them - French Roses. I need to cut at least another 26 squares, and probably more. I know that I'll find the fabric I need for THAT project as I clean up the scrap basket and the stewdio, so off I go! I sure hope the mess in the stewdio doesn't get me bogged down, and I can't escape!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just a little something

I've been pretty busy lately, but I can't tell you or show you what I've been doing. Instead, I'll show you a little project that I'm working on for Debra's Pregnancy Project. This is in exchange for some embroidery work she is doing for me.

I am using the X-Block template for this, and it's going pretty darned fast! Too fast, actually. If I would have stopped and read the instructions when I started this so long ago, I would have realized that the nine patch blocks I made weren't sewn in the correct order. Leave it to me to make it far more complicated than it needed to be!

I am certain no one else does this but me, right?

First, I made the green ones, then I reverse-cut the purple ones. Then I gave up, put them in a box, and moved on with something else. So, yes, I know they would have been better all one color or the other, but I have so many of them made....and her project really needs another baby quilt, so off it will go this weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope you all have a loverly Valentine's Day!

Hubby Honey has already showered me with my favorite flowers and he has a special date for dinner at Le Fou Frog and an evening with the Czech Orchestra planned for Sunday.

What good be better than that?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And sew it goes

So, today I am straightening the stewdio, working on bits and pieces here and there. I've got sofa pillows to make smaller, a cat bed that needs mending and a couple of new projects to plan. Between the rain, the snow flurries, the 70 degree days turning to 70mph winds and dismal skies, I've not managed to do much of anything. Or so it seems.

These are the fabrics for my next 5 projects. Yes, I said 5 projects. You see, I am going to go to Cambria, CA in March with 4 of my best quilting buddies for a private retreat (like last year). So what are these projects? Uh uh - not going to tell. You'll just have to wait and see what they are next month!

And this little nine inch block is quite a beauty. One of my stitch friends has been working on these for the last year. They are from a LQS BOM. They will make an absolutely stunning quilt when all completed!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Quilts and updates

So many of you have asked me what I am reading now days, and or to give them a good book recommendation, that I thought I would add a new little widget on my sidebar for you! I've joined Goodreads where I am tracking the books I've read, the books I am reading, and the books I want to read. Thanks to Ms. Jan, this is a great way to track them all quite handily. Now, you can see at least four pages of my highest rated books that I've been reading right from my blog.

Now, for the quilts!

This is the finished quilt top that I was commissioned to make out of "grandma's clothes." This picture is before quilting.

Here's is a surprise cuddle quilt for a friend of mine that an on-line group made for her (before quilting). It's made of all civil war fabrics, which she loves. I got to set it together, take it to the quilter, and bind it. The pattern is quite pretty, called Carolyn's Stars and can be found on

She received it Saturday after I picked it up from the quilter. You can also see Shirlee's 2006 Birds of a Feather quilt hanging on the wall behind my friend looking at her quilt.

Friday, February 06, 2009

More beads and Bonsai

I've been busy beading the Bonsai lately (sounds like a new dance, doesn't it?) and I've made some great progress. Last night I got all but three lines done on the background. So far, I've spent about 60 hours all told on the pearly background parts.

So many people tell me they couldn't do this type of work. But here's my secret: I either have a 12 pound cat sitting ON the work or under it - and she makes me smile!

Next I have to get the rest of the embellishments in the leaves and make sure all the three dimensional parts are secured. Then I'll be back to quilting on the borders. I've inked the kanji script label onto Habotai silk and it will be attached on the front left lower border, backed with Thai silk and more of the cream vintage kimono. Think how a label on a man's suit is attached on one of the sleeves....

You can double click this picture to see a closer view of the beads and the designs in the silk kimono piece.