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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sew it's done!

Here's the finished baby quilt center for Deb's Pregnancy Project mentioned in the last post. I decided I would send the fabric for the borders and the backing and let her finish it to the size she'd like.

Now, I need to pick up all the pieces on the floor, run the vacuum, sort the scrap tub and begin all over again. My stewdio is starting to fold me into it, so I guess it's time, eh?

Next on the list is to sketch out my design for My World. An art quilt piece that I need to get finished by April 17. Actually, well before that so I can quilt it, and get photos taken for submission. I belong to the Kansas Art Quilters organization and this is our annual submission that will travel about the country for two years. The hardest part of this particular project for me is that I need fabric that has writing on it, or numbers or letters or hieroglyphs - and I can't just print it off, or write it myself. I'd like to have the various types of prints and colors in manufactured fabrics. I have some in my storage tubs, but I'm sure it will require a collecting venture as well. Anyone want to contribute some strips? I think I might even use some selvage edges that have writing as long as they have 1/4" seam allowance.

The next thing after that is to get some projects together for my Cambria retreat with my girlfriends in March. So far, I have some fabrics cut for one of them - French Roses. I need to cut at least another 26 squares, and probably more. I know that I'll find the fabric I need for THAT project as I clean up the scrap basket and the stewdio, so off I go! I sure hope the mess in the stewdio doesn't get me bogged down, and I can't escape!

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Quilts And Pieces said...

That is a pretty cool looking block/quilt!