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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And sew it goes

So, today I am straightening the stewdio, working on bits and pieces here and there. I've got sofa pillows to make smaller, a cat bed that needs mending and a couple of new projects to plan. Between the rain, the snow flurries, the 70 degree days turning to 70mph winds and dismal skies, I've not managed to do much of anything. Or so it seems.

These are the fabrics for my next 5 projects. Yes, I said 5 projects. You see, I am going to go to Cambria, CA in March with 4 of my best quilting buddies for a private retreat (like last year). So what are these projects? Uh uh - not going to tell. You'll just have to wait and see what they are next month!

And this little nine inch block is quite a beauty. One of my stitch friends has been working on these for the last year. They are from a LQS BOM. They will make an absolutely stunning quilt when all completed!


floribunda said...

Sounds like a great place for a retreat, Sharon -- I love Cambria, and I found my all-time favorite pair of earrings in a shop there. Let me know if you come up closer to San Francisco, and I'll treat you to a coffee!

Teresa said...

You certainly have some beautiful things to see on your blog. I would love to be able to see, and perhaps to touch you bonsai quilt - it looks remarkable.

Karrin Hurd said...

Love the fabrics, my favorite colors, and the applique BOM is wonderful!

Sweet P said...

oooooooo . . . a sewing weekend with your friends. I can't wait to see what you work on while you're there.

Shasta said...

That is beautiful applique. I have several projects with applique in it that are UFOs - I means works in progress. I look forward to seeing what you do with those fabrics.