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Thursday, November 30, 2006

It coulda been worse, and still might be...

I can't believe that on Wednesday it was 72 degrees here, and I finally found time to put away the last of the lawn ornaments and furniture from the deck. I got all my bird feeders filled, and this morning I have a great treat of finches, juncos, cardinals, and bluebirds out my window, because yesterday, it ICED! And SLAINED! And SLEETED! And thundered and lightening'ed!

How sweet to look up from my sewing machine just a few minutes ago to see this little buddy looking in at me!I took mom to the dr yesterday to get her "blood booster" shot, and got back home before it started. But today they are predicting anything from 2" to 20" of snow. Because we live where the weather bands change (look at the planting zone map of the US and we're on the edge of two zones), we never know what we get until we get it. So, today and tomorrow will be great days to hopefully finish up all these charity quilts. It's a good thing, too, since Tuesday is the delivery day!

Carolyn just finished up the 7th Sisters quilt, and I just finished the binding on the Stars of the Heartland, and a couple more lap quilts. Today I am quilting another lap quilt, and I hope to get a flannel one sandwiched and mostly quilted by the end of the day. Maybe tomorrow, there will be more to show. In the meantime, here's two more of the "same but different" lap quilts!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Here is another one

Are you bored yet? Here is another lap quilt like the others that I just finished the other day. I have another one on the quilting machine, and one that went back to Carolyn to finish the binding. I've lost track what number we are on. I guess when the work basket is empty that means we're finished, right?

I know I've been MIA. I had several dear friends call and write saying they were/are concerned about me. I'm OK, but a bit overwhelmed. Not with the quilting commitments, but rather life in and of itself. I'm still dealing with Mother's terminal condition, hubby's recovery, my grandchildren, and me still trying to lose weight and get healthy. Some days it's just too much! On top of all that, we decided to have a new closet system installed, new bedroom carpet installed (and in the same closet where the new system is), and hardwood replacement for the carpeted stairway and upstairs hallway. That's been going on, and will continue for the next couple of weeks as well.

We did a little runaway trip again to Las Vegas last Sunday through Tuesday. I had a luxurious day in the spa at the Bellagio. I had a swedish relaxation massage with hot cranberry oil and hot stones for my feet, and stayed in the eucalyptous steam room for as long as I could tolerate it. I spent a great deal of time in the meditation room, too. It was all very nice as long as it lasted...but now, I am home again, and back to reality.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

1/2 (one section) Charity Quilts complete!

Here are 1/2 of the lap quilts completed for the Diabetic Education Program at Duschene Clinic that they will use for their reward at the end of January. 5 of these are Carolyn's, and only 3 of them are mine. I have two on my table right now, if that counts VBG! And remember, we are using stash from other quilters for these quilts. The pictures are clickable for larger views. They are all about 42" X 60".

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A little time for rug making

I've been wanting to try making those fabric rugs ever since Darcie posted hers. I knew I had purchased some of the fleece strips at ridiculous prices ($.25 per spool!), so I finally found them hidden away for a rainy day.

Mom fell and possibly tore her ACL, or at least badly sprained her knee on Saturday. I knew we would be at the hospital a while, so I grabbed the supplies and off we went.
Little did I know that as many strips as I had, it just wasn't enough for a bigger rug. I threw it on the chaise in my stewdio, and Bonnie didn't seem to mind. Now that the weather is getting colder, she has claimed it as HERS!

Mom is doing better, even though she has been moved from her apartment to the Care Center unit until the orthopedist gives her the all clear to remove the knee immobilizer. Until then, I've been busy working on charity quilts and running errands for her.

Next post? 8 charity quilts in a row!

Friday, November 03, 2006

3 of 9 Charity Quilts

Now in red, white and mistake on the last post, the pink and turquoise one was really only the second of 9, and this one was on the machine at the time. So now, six to go! And today it's the blue one with a funky hot pink/orange and dark blue contrast fabric.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Stars of the Heartland

And now, we interrupt the production line of star lap quilts to show you the completed top that was just sent to the quilter in Iowa. It is a 92" X 108" quilt from a pattern of the Des Moines Iowa quilt guild (I think in the late 1990's?) called Stars of the Heartland.

My friend, Carolyn and I each made half of the stars on our own, and we used any color blue for the stars, and then cut leftovers of white-on-white fabrics for the background. She made the white borders, and I pieced the blue one.

Then we came together for two afternoons and put it together. She did the backing while I put the rows together. You'll notice there are some blue and yellow small stars and a couple of large ones in yellow too. Just something different to sparkle it up.

Now, back to the lap quilts. The one I've got on the machine right now is a blue one! Next post will be the one I finished yesterday - a red, white and blue one.

We've made this quilt before for a Breast Cancer organization, and we just love it. Every time we've made one, we always say we'll do one for ourselves...but by the time we finish it, we're not so ready! LOL! It's like a giant puzzle when you go to put it together. I believe I unsewed twice as much as what was left together! It will be auctioned at the end of February for the Caritas Clinics (Duschene) in Kansas City.