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Friday, January 20, 2006

Winter is really still here!

Yesterday I woke early to a ringing telephone. Ah, it's the Village Care (at my mom's retirement center) nurse telling me that my mother was ill and she was going to the hospital via ambulance, and that I should meet her there. While she was in ER getting the pre-requisite Cat Scan, and all the other tests, I managed to squeeze in my quarterly visit with my own doctor just next door to the hospital.

Now, this doctor is one of my all time favorites. She really listens to you when you need to talk, and then she tells you "straight" how it is. She's never made me feel bad for the list of questions I bring to her, and I usually walk out of her office feeling better even when nothing is seriously wrong. She is in the same group of doctors who take care of my mother and my husband, so there's always a concern for my family members too. Of course, she knows that I am the caregiver of them both, so she's interested in how that affects me, too.

She found out I was a quilter with a serious passion, when I asked to buy a roll or two of the paper that is on the examination tables (not the used stuff!) If I remember correctly, she gave me the paper, saying that it was an inexpensive thing she could do to help keep my blood pressure down. LOL! Ever since then, she always brings up the fact that she has a quilt that she started long, long, ago. Yesterday, she said she should maybe think about finishing it. Well, I found out that it was started so long ago the colors she was using for the quilt matched the bedroom where the quilt was to be used, and the bedroom has been re-painted a few times; AND now, she doesn't even live in this house anymore. She is my mentor on losing weight and getting healthier, so we decided that I would be *her* quilt mentor, and I am supposed to crack the whip for her to get started. I even volunteered for her to get out the box, give it to me, and I would "kit" it up in "bite sized" pieces for her to get going. Do you think this will happen? I told her to read the blog, because I would put her on the spot!

And Mother? An extreme case of vertigo that caused her to be nauseated and very, very dizzy. They kept her overnight, medicated her, and this afternoon, she came home. So the last two days haven't been my own - not really.

But that didn't really stop me from getting SOMETHING done! I will tempt you with this fiberlicious pile of threads that my local Pfaff dealer saves for me. Now, add some of it to Wabi Sabi (which I know hasn't been shown yet), along with the onion, and it will change again. Oh yes, throw in a little Angelina fibers for sparkle and a few golen beads here and there. Maybe tomorrow night, another piece of Wabi Sabi will become clear.


YankeeQuilter said...

Glad your mom is doing better. THe pile of threads look like great therapy!

Anonymous said...

Hee, hee, thanks for the plug!
Love, from your non quilting doctor/Mom

cher said...

oh the tease...lucious threads indeed...can't wait to see something and not these hints :-)
glad to hear it went ok with your mom...I was once my mom's caregiver does feel like your life is not your own-how nice to have quilting as part of your life...

Tonya R said...

Delicious fibers - bet the cats could go nuts with that.