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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

2 parts: Convergence sighting and "What was I Thinking!?!"

Part One: Convergence Sighting

When we go to Anguilla, we like to stop at some of the local galleries. We usually find interesting things made by local artists to either gift our friends or ourselves. This year's treasure were mahogany "touch form" hearts. We love the 8 different hearts we purchased.

Each year at this gallery, there have been wall hanging sized quilts made of mixed types of materials. Interesting ideas for using different weights of fabrics, but I always wondered how well the artist sold, since I really don't think "quilt" on an island that is always warm.

Our friend, Kris from the northeast, was bubbling about "her" find since she knows I am a quilter, and took me to her room to share it with me. I knew right away it was a Ricky Timms Convergence quilt, and I was pleased to see that the artist had written it's "history" on a card that came with the purchase. The artist has a common last name for the island, but I was surprised to read that she made several convergence "style" quilts - a technique which she discovered when she was in Baltimore. So you just never know where or how different ideas and techniques travel around the world.

PART TWO: What Was I Thinking?

So now we're home and Christmas is almost put away (still a naked tree in the corner), and I am starting on cleaning out my fabric stash - or resource center as my dear hubby likes to say - a little bit each night. I pulled a couple of banker's boxes out of the garage downstairs when I got the Christmas tree boxes out, wondering "what the heck are these?" And what did I find? Fabric and fabric pieces and fabric strips AND.....

Crammed in tightly! " Jam packed" as my mother would say!

Now, tell me what I was thinking when I saved all these shreds of fabric crumbs? Even Bonnie wouldn't save these, would she?

Well, I do have to admit that I even had friends saving their shreds for me so I could use them to create textured fabric using a Solvy sandwich for embellishments on some of my "far out" quilts (like Phenomenal Woman's hair). But come on! Did I really need this much? And I have a sinking feeling that there is going to be more - lots more somewhere!

I included a picture of the side of the bag to show that it is a larger bag, just jammed full of crumbs/shreds. I actually picked the crumbs out of a box with strips that I had saved to be sorted later. I'm afraid that there will be more as I clean through some boxes that just got put "out of sight" out of mind a few years ago. Am I nuts or what?

This bag is trash destined. I really don't need it!


kay said...

Well, you're no more nuts than many of us. This sort of thing is what is causing my fabric guilt. If you use even some of the strips you save, you're justified--at least that's my theory.

JudyL said...

Yep, I think we're all nuts when it comes to keeping little smidgens of fabric. At least you're cleaning and getting rid of something you'll never use.

Judy L.

Sandra said...

Depends if it makes you feel really guilty. Perhaps just shut your eyes and pass it on :-)

Tonya R said...

I'm glad you picked out the crumbs - I can see useable fabric in there! You could ask at guild if there is anyone who wants the merest slivers of fabric - I've known quilters like that. And maybe someone makes stuffed dolls or bears and could use the bits as stuffing? I do, it works great.

Tracey said...

Send 'em off to Bonnie and she'll whip something up in...about a day or two! ;o)

The Calico Cat said...

Don't you feel better getting rid of that mess? :o)

Bonnie said...

If they are at around an inch wide..YES I WOULD USE THEM! *LOL*

If you were closer, I would be aching to dumpster dive it back out of the trash, but..I'll behave!