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Friday, January 06, 2006

Star Sightings

I wasn't really going to blog today, but I just had to post about the star sightings we saw yesterday and this morning!

Mariah Carey is staying at the other end of the island in a $75,000 per week villa with her dog. We had heard she was here, and we finally saw her at lunch yesterday! Jeremy Irons and Robert DeNiro are also here on the same side of the island as we are. We've only seen them coming and going - no mingling with the stars for us. LOL!

Anyway, we've had a nice relaxing breakfast and now, we are going out to the poolside to read. I've started Amy Tan's new book "Saving Fish from Drowning" and I can't put it down. I'll probably finish it this afternoon, then have nothing but embroidery to keep my hands busy until tomorrow morning when we leave the island bright and early before breakfast.

I must say that we are well relaxed, and ready to start the new year right!


Nines said...

Wow. No doubt, lots of people have said. "You're not in Kansas, anymore..." But wow, you're really not in Kansas anymore!! Sounds so wonderful! I can't even imagine what it must be like to be warm all over!!! (A cold N'oreaster's blowin' in tonight.) I am so happy for you, Sharon- that you and your sweetheart are having this opportunity to get away, together, again. What a blessing. I am sure that you both are just so thankful. I'm going to check out your reading list. And your menu's sent me to the kitchen for a turkey sandwich!! Not as exciting as seafood, but it'll have to do! Safe trip home!

Darcie said...

How fun to see the stars! Is Mariah as gorgeous in person as she is on TV? And Robert DeNiro...I think he's just one of the coolest actors around. His acting and his characters are always so real.

I'm probably too late...hope you're travels were safe...and that home feels good.

Dawn said...

Oh man! Now how cool is that! Your brushes with fame!