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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Paradise End

Well, we all knew that someday these wonderful days had to come to an end, right?

Tomorrow is our last full day, and today we've re-visited parts of the island we hadn't seen for years and years.

The villa where we always stay (La Sirena Resort) has been sold, and even though next year will probably be the same, nothing else seems to be standing still. There is a huge Greg Norman development (Tenemos) with golf course, and million $+ houses; another huge development next door to La Sirena by Viceroy (of Palm Springs). I think overall, the island still offers the tranquility we crave, and the people are still just wonderful. It's just getting to be a bit more commercialism than what we enjoy.

The last two days have found us eating more fish (Red Hind, lobster and crayfish). Tonight will be another quiet night in the villa, probably with tuna fish. I've been working a bit on my redwork alphabet - having gotten to L, Lion makes me feel like I've made some good progress.

I've started a list of things I want to finish when we get home, too. I've made a promise to myself that when I have the things finished that are on my list, I get to make a pineapple blossom quilt, too! I can hardly wait!

Oh yes. I also called Empty Spools Seminars and switched my class from Laura Wasilowski to Gwen Marston. I think that should make Tonya happy!

So that's the latest and greatest report from Anguilla, our jewel in the Caribbean. Pictures will be posted when we return home. And then let the quilting begin!


Dawn said...

Oh your stay sounds perfect! Oh how I wish I were lazying around with you!

I can't wait to see all the pics when you get back!

And I hope I find Gwen Marston teaching sometime by me!

Lucy said...

Please please share a lot of pictures from your class from Gwen Marston... I am jealous :c)

Tonya R said...

Sounds like you are having an incredible trip, even if it does have to end sometime.
Envy, envy, envy but hurray for you!!! A class with Gwen M - that is fantastic. I bet you'll love it. You didn't want to be fusing anyway right (I say at a complete guess of what Laura W would be teaching).