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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Warning! Multiple Personality Quilter

Warning! What you are about to see and read is a day in the life of a multiple personality quilter. Well, part of what you will see, anyway. The doll baby block was part of this documentation. There is such a flurry of activity, it is difficult to document it all at once.


  • So many different obligations, so many different styles, so many different fabrics are quite natural to the multiple personality quilter's brain.

    The warm, nurturing "grandmother" personality figure she calls Oma works on a baby quilt; at the same time, the friendly, "wacko" personality she calls Sharon works on wild black and bright house blocks. In addition, the personality figure she aspires to actually be cuts and sews elegant Japanese fabric anvil blocks. Interestingly enough, there is no name for this personality. It is probably a fleeting impersonation of a known associate.

    A heretofore previously undocumented personality revealed herself in the late evening hours last night. That "planner" personality sat down at the dinner table with a graphing pad, and drew out plans for yet another quilt, totally different than anything in the work room. Something called Happy Jack's Pumpkin Patch. Something about letters. For her to be planning something related to Halloween is obviously due to the excessive stimulation of various fabrics and the stressors of dull needles, lost rulers, and the clash of fabrics laying in a heap on the cutting table. There are no orange fabrics in the room, but the black must have stimulated her brain to veer off in yet another personality.

    And through all of this she keeps mumbling, "Wabi sabi", "Wabi sabi", "I gotta get those leaves on Wabi sabi".

    At times, all the personalities would converse amongst themselves, and discover tools laying about on the work table. Some were new inventions, and some had been used before, but now were being used in new ways, or perhaps the correct ways; only the quilter knows for sure.

  • Grandmother personality - Baby quilt

  • The baby quilt is now a quilt top 53" square, and the backing actually fits! The batting just needs to end up the same size, and it is ready to quilt. Because there is a Beethoven concert this afternoon to soothe the grandmother's soul, quilting will be delayed until another day.

  • Planner Personality - Happy Jacks Pumpkin Patch

  • Planning begins for Feb 18 stitch day with the Amazing Quilt Babes. Letters will be introduced for group therapy.

  • Wabi Sabi concerns

  • Fluffs of this fabric were drug out of hidden boxes, (dare I say bags from Joanne's were spotted from perhaps a forbidden purchase?) and tossed on the table with an onion (??). Nothing further was done with them except move them about from time to time.

  • New tool finding

  • A new tool was given to this quilter around Christmas, but it was not re-discovered until the frenzy of organization occurred last week. It is from Follow Your Heart, LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It was found to be a most excellent marking tool made wax chalk which disappears with heat.

    It was used to mark the lines for the house top in the friendship house block.

  • Prognosis

  • There is nothing to worry about regarding any of the personalities observed. The multiple personalities seem to work well together, and only occasionally do they seem to confuse their jobs. As long as this subject continues to laugh a lot, exercise, diet, and sleep occasionally, there should be great satisfaction with completed projects. Of course, more personalities could reveal themselves as well, but as long as they "play" together nicely, there is no reason to revisit this issue with any of them.

  • The multiple personality Quilter's diet

  • The Pasta Diet

    1. You walka pasta da bakery.

    2.. You walka pasta da candy store.

    3.. You walka pasta da Ice Cream shop.

    4... You walka pasta da table and fridge.

    You will lose weight!


    Sandra said...

    That baby quilt with the ric rac is just delightful! Loved the post today :-)

    cher said...

    delightful post..I do think mpq is contagious and now I understand my condition so much better! *vbg*

    Tonya R said...

    Sharon, love the back of the baby quilt. My friends here always laugh at me when we go to look at persian carpets. Beautiful silk carpets and I always like the back side better than the front. What can I say - I'm odd.
    Loved the glimpses of your work.

    Finn said...

    Hi Sharon, just popping in to say "hi". Can't see well enough to read all of it this a.m. but I did read was so funny!! I'll be back as my vision clears abit more..great fun your personality thingy...*VBG*

    Samantha said...

    Sharon, I am laughing SO hard. I never realized I might have MQPD until you so wonderfully described it. Does this explain why some porjects turn into UFOs- that personality goes silent for a while?

    the baby quilt looks fantastic! As does everything, in fact!

    Lucy said...

    I Love tha backing from the pink quilt. The whole quilt including teh backing turned out so nice :c)

    Bonnie said...

    You are a riot!! I definately thing I've got MPQD too! So so so fun to read!


    Hubby said...

    Looking good, babe.