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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I was supposed to sew yesterday afternoon. MY DAY!!!! Nope - no sewing! But I did play with some fabric about 8 PM to decide what I wanted to work on today. That way I could go to bed without my hands shaking, right?

Instead, the wee boy and his very sick mommy came to the house. I put daughter upstairs with a heat pad and a Darvocet, and we played with the boy almost all morning long. After lunch, he got to take an indoor spin in his stroller and an hour nap. Later, hubby got to play Mr. Mom and picked up the girls from school, took one to her music lesson, the other to their house to let their dog out. Back to pick up the first girl, then home. He made chicken salad (one of their favorites) for dinner, and they all had baked beans, chicken salad sandwiches and fruit. Oh yes, they also had chocolate chip cookies for dessert thanks to Carol from the birthday stitch day on Saturday.

Daughter was feeling much better by then, and they all left here about 5:30 PM to get one of the girls off to her musical performance at school. Whew! We were so tired! But it's all worth it, isn't it?


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cher said...

who could resist playing with that adorable child? You know that will be his favorite toy for a while *vbs* I would pick playing with babies over fabric any day-just a sucker for them I guess.
thanks for sharing!

Sandra said...

What a wonderful day you had with your grandchildren - great photos!

Bonnie said...

Weeeeeeeeeee! I heard your voice! too fun!~ The only thing I would have also loved to hear would be stephen's giggle...I just love baby laughter, so if you can catch it, please share it :c)

It touches my heart to think of your grown daughter coming to mom's house to be tucked into bed and be taken care of. That makes me miss my mom so much! I wish she could have been here for my double root canals yesterday, I could have used some mama loving too...

You are the Joann Box Queen!


JudyL said...

Sharon: So glad you were there to help out the sick mommy. Can you imagine how bad she would have felt if she had to do all her mother duties by herself today?

Looks like someone likes to get into containers! A cutie!!

Judy L.

Dawn said...

Oh those pictures of your grandson are adorable! I lvoe the one with him sitting in the green basket!

And I LOVED your new profile pic! Way too funny!

Boy what I wouldn't do right now to go to mom's and have her tuck me in and let me veg! A big downer when they are a long way from you!

Darcie said...

Not only are you busy with're making great friends with your computer, too! Great audio, Sharon!

What an adorable little guy! I remember days like that with my son...years ago!!!

Joanne said...

How adorable is that little boy! What a cutie -- looks like you had lots of fun while his mommy got well!
Also - I love the blue Martha Washington Star block you made. Beautiful.
(Obviously, I'm catching up from being waaaaaaaaaay behind!)