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Monday, January 16, 2006

Christmas isn't over!

Gosh! Has it actually been 7 days since I last posted? It's been a whirlwind of getting the Christmas stuff put away - and that's not all done yet! The Christmas tree stands naked in the corner waiting to be cozily boxed up. It's so heavy I need to have someone help me take it down, so it will have to wait until then. And of course, another wait until then thing is to get the stewdio back together so it can be effectively used. In the meantime, you'll probably still see some Christmas posts here. Like today.

How's this for a tree skirt? It's 48" in diameter (for that big tree you know). It's all wool and nicely appliqued. The backing is wool, too! I was in a store that my mom likes to shop at, and while she was getting her things, I wandered to the clearance section, and there it was! It originally was priced at $69.99! I took it home with me for $4.99! I couldn't even buy the wool fabric for that! So now, I have a new tree skirt that I love for next year!

And how about some gift bags? BIG'UNS????? For a $1.00?

These next ones are for Tonya. I stood there and looked at them a long time before I decided to bring them home. They are BIG bags made of a heavy felt sort of material - they're about 36" long. I got enough for all the kids for next year, but I do think they need to be embellished, don't you?

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Tonya R said...

wow, I want to come shopping with you.