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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Goals and aspirations

I haven't had much time near the computer due to the technoglib teenagers I described the day before.

We've just had a nice breakfast by the pool, and now we are planning on taking a walk on the beach and then sitting by the pool for a while. The day I got a bit too much sun from the beach blast caused a few blisters on my forehead, so I am declining the stay on the beach for long. The Caribbean sun is quite fierce and as fair as I am, even the 70 rated sunblock isn't really enough.

Yesterday's meal was lobster at Shoal Bay East. This island is only 16 miles long, and we stay on the West End where it is pretty quiet. Small hotels and only a couple of larger establishments, that are mostly self contained. Shoal Bay East is where the day trippers from St. Marteen come. A favorite place of ours, Elodia's, has changed completely to catering to them - with buffets and water sports etc. After we discovered that, we walked a bit further down the beach and had a lovely sit at the Sandpipers, a covered patio restaurant/bar type affair. Lunch was a Caribbean lobster (much sweeter and tender) with carrot slaw and a full 2 liters of cold, cold water. Kevin had a slighter smaller meal of just a club sandwich, but enjoyed it heartily. We stayed in last night, reading and having tuna salad sandwiches. A nice quiet evening, where the breezes blew quietly through the villa.

I finished Patricia Cornwell's "Trace", and now I am in the middle of Michael Connelly's "Blood Work". He personally autographed it for Kevin when he was last in Seattle at a book store of a friend of ours. The book's main character is a retired detective who has just recently had a heart transplant, so he was happy to write "This one's from the heart, for Kevin". But I am happy to say that nothing is wrong with Kevin's heart, so we won't even think about that kind of transplant.

I am slowly catching up on our small community of blogs. Contemplating the year ahead, I am slowly formulating how I would like to see the year unfold. This morning's read was Jean's goal - so similar to mine, but so aptly expressed. I am keeping my thoughts on the back of a laundry list, and will refine it over the next few days. I must say I am somewhat excited about the prospect of a year with no illnesses - of course, we never know what will happen, but I think this year might be a good healthy one.

Tonight is dinner at Top of the Palms with the owners of La Sirena. They've sold the property, so this may be our goodbye dinner with them before they return to Switzerland. We'll find out the scoop then.

Dreaming of the all the quilts in 2006 that might contain turquoise blue waters, various shades of green palms and white kernels of sand.....

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Dawn said...

Oh your trip sounds so heavenly! What a wonderful time you are having! I only wish I were on some sandy beaches right now! We miss you though!