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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Ahhh, another book, another art gallery

In my haste yesterday, I forgot to mention that I had finished another book, which was quite good. It is Lizzie's War by Tim Farrington.

We also visited Devonish Gallery to take a look around. The Haitian art was delightful on the eyes - so bright and full of movement. You could almost hear the waves in the paintings, and the chatter of people shown in market places. Nothing but canvas art, however.

There also is a quilter on the island by the name of Richardson. Richardson is a common island name, more or less like Smith at home. I was surprised to see her work as wallhangings being sold for anywhere between $200.00 and $500.00. Some were whole cloth batiks that had been sandwiched and then handquilted (about 6 stitches per inch). The one that my friend purchased was a Ricky Timms convergence quilt made with mostly African fabrics, with some shiny Hoffman fabrics that I think at one time were called "Fairy". At any rate, nothing organically inspired, and nothing Maverick about any of them. They were nice, but somewhat disappointing in an environment that inspires with color, shapes and tons of variety. I already have several sketches of things I want to try at home.

I probably won't be back at the computer for several days. Tomorrow we are going to try to take a catamaran to a small island nearby for the day. There are day trips for lunch, and sun. I don't need any more sun, so I'll have to be sure there is a lot of shade off the beach (beach blast is BAD!!) if we go. There's also been a batch of teenagers arrived today and they've been one with the computer, their Ipods and their telephones !!

And today, the book of choice is Patricia Cornwell's "Trace".


Darcie said...

Your time on Anguilla sounds splendid! The fine eating...the sun...the company. How wonderful! Enjoy!

Tonya R said...

Well, at least the canvas art was bright and fun, even if it wasn't covered in sequins. Enjoy your catamaraning.