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Sunday, August 21, 2005

*MY* Birthday quilt

I finally found the picture of *my* birthday quilt from 2005. Remember, that my group draws for the month their birthday will be celebrated, and this year, mine was in Feb. We finished up the top on quilting day, and I got it back from the quilter when I was in Rochester MN with my husband (he was receiving a kidney transplant) this past June. The picture is when it was on the bed in Rochester - without the binding sewn down! We wanted a piece of home so badly, we slept under it as it was. I still haven't finished the binding on it, but I haven't succumbed to putting it on the bed on home yet, either.

The pattern is a Terry Atkinson pattern - I think it's called Texas Hold'em. It seems that I've done more of her patterns than anything else. They always work up so nicely, and they look much more complex than they really are. All the star points on these stars are done with the squared corner technique on a rectangle or a square - as a sashing - no more lost points!

I have a tendency to mess around with words or phrases - for some reason I can't keep them straight in my head. This makes reading billboards on trips a hoot, too. In this example, I couldn't ever remember that the pattern name was Texas Hold'em, but I kept calling it Texas Chainsaw. Since we were going through some bad times with my husband's illnesses, it finally got named Minnesota Chainsaw. Can you see the morphology? My brain is warped, I guess:)


Sarah said...

I LOVE your birthday quilt! I love the red points on the stars. You are lucky to have such good quilting friends!

Thanks for sharing!

Finn said...

Hi Sharon, it's a great quilt! I like Terry Atkinson's patterns also, and have several that I haven't gotten around to yet.
It's a nice color combination you have chosen.
Hope the hubby is doing well, sounds like a very hard piece indeed. Hugs, Finn

Tracey said...

Sharon, you're quilt is stunning! I love the red that just jumps right out at ya. :o)

Bonnie said...

I am so drawn to red, or red in quilts!

I've felt out of touch this week, so I am making the round of our blogring and seeing what everyone has posted. Fun to find when someone has added something new for eye candy! I love houw this quilt turned out, and the quilting looks great on it...I love how the texture really shows in the background areas...

I hope you are having a great week!


Randy said...

HA...I found your blog! Now I know where you've been hiding! I LOVE that Terry Atkinson pattern. I bought the book but have yet to make anything. Story of my quilting life!