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Monday, August 01, 2005

Out of the box at last!

This is Jane Burch Cochran and me ('m on the right). She inspired me to really reach out and just do the things that I feel like doing. Want to paint AND quilt on artist's canvas? Go ahead. Want to use alphabet stamps on ribbons? Just do it! Like sparkly things, and whimsical moods? Find something silly to stitch on, paint on, stamp on, hang get the idea!

I'm finding more pictures to share of my stuff. Not all of it is artsy. A lot of it is traditional because I feel the need to just stitch - and I love to gift quilts. Some of it is whimsical, and some of it has hidden meanings. So more later!

More about Jane is found by clicking the link with this post.


Lurp said...

Very cool.
Some more pix would be wonderful, family, Asilomar, travels,etc. Future posts?

Tonya R said...

ooh, you've met Jane Burch Cochran? I am very jealous.

Sharon said...

*AND* I spent a week with her, besides! She's a great facilitator, and a lovely lady!