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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Quiltgranny's Dilemma

I've been thinking about what picture to use as my profile photo. I started to use Quiltgranny's Hands, but somehow I thought that might be "cheating" since someone else did the work. (I still love them though!)

So after some consideration, I've chosen my 2003 Self Reflections portrait. I belong to Kansas Art Quilters and this was the first piece that we were asked to do. It was quite a learning experience for me, and a lot of fun too. I used some of Lucky Shie's techniques like the chicken stitching, shisha mirrors, and "holes", and some of Jane Burch Cochran's techniques like over embellishing the heck out of it. The background is some shibori dyed fabric that I made when I took a class with Jan Myers Newbury, but the fancy stuff is covered mostly by the stitching. My hair is made of silk shirts cut into strips, and stray threads and beads and fabric bits sewn onto Sulky Solvy. I always say more is more. LOL!

You can see more of Kansas Art Quilters work by checking out the link.

1 comment:

Tonya R said...

Okay Quiltgranny, love the work you've shown so far, but me want more. Let's see some of the more traditional stuff.
Love the hands portrait, by the way.