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Thursday, December 01, 2005

My very best!

These are my two most special ornaments in the whole wide world!

The reindeer has lost his antlers, but it was made for me by my wonderful son in first grade. He is now 34 years old!

The picture is of my daughter when she was about 12 or so, and now she is 35. She made it for us in Girl Scouts, and she hates that I still hang it on the tree. Something about the way her hair looked that day! LOL! Each year, she tries to steal it away, but I always catch her. I would cry if it ever got broken or heaven forbid...stolen!

I've reminisced long enough now, and have to finish up the tree. Pictures of that tomorrow!


Dawn said...

Oh I love special ornaments like that! I have the ones my kids made and use them every year also - although my kids aren't that old yet! But certain things like this just are special in my heart anyway!

Finn said...

Love the ornaments special..I have some of those 30+ yr old ones also..*S*

Darcie said...

Aaaw...your ornaments are precious, Sharon. What would your kids say about your sharing them with us?! :-P