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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cubic Ribbons

I made this quilt with a group of gals from another old defunct internet list when we had a midwestern get together at my house. I didn't understand the directions on this quilt; green is not one of my favorite colors to work in; the batting is really terrible for the piece; and it was the first thing I ever machine quilted (poorly).

It looks really great in the picture, and it looks really great from across the room. But I still don't like it. Thus, it sits under my porcelain reindeer display on the dining room table. When the reindeer aren't nesting in it, my cats like it, too.

Everytime I see it, though, I remember how much I learned about the value of color when I made it!


Sarah said...

Sharon -
I have always wanted to try one of these tumbling block patterns but all the Y-seams are a bit daunting. In the newest AQS magazine is an article that makes the blocks with out the Y seam. Makes the top of the box into two triangles and then you piece it in strips. I could handle that!

Thanks for sharing you quilt!


Nines said...

Sharon, I like the quilt. It's not as bad as you say. I'm not a big fan of green, either, but you can't have Xmas without green can you? Would you ever consider making another one- in colors you like? Thanks for sharing! Nina

JudyL said...

Sharon, I can't vouch for how it looks up close but it is stunning in th epicture. I love the dimension of it.

Judy L.

Finn said...

I think it's wonderful that you found a role for it in your life, and I'm sure the fur babies love it..*VBS*

Debra Spincic said...

I really like this version--looks like ribbon candy dripping over packages!

Whether you goofed or not, really doesn't matter. You tried!

Samantha said...

my tumbling blocks turned out like that- early attempt at machine quilting (still not a strong suit of mine) and also, they look much much better from across the room... But, this is nice!! And, we all have learning pieces!

Ms. Jan said...

Well you may not like this, but it is visually stunning, Sharon. My address is.......
=) =) =)

Darcie said...

and it looks really great from across the room


Your quote gives me a good chuckle. I had the opportunity to take a class from Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka's Treasures fame. She quotes her Grandmother as saying something to the tune of '...if it can't be seen from a galloping horse, it's just fine...'

I think your wallhanging is visually very effective. Thanks for letting us enjoy it with you!


Holly said...

What's that saying - "an artist is his own worst critic"? I like it!

Dawn said...

That is so cool! I"ve never seen a cubic ribbon quilt like that. It looks great from here!