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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The tree is done!

The tree is done, the presents are wrapped. Well, almost all of them, anyway!

This is a new tree for us. We purchased it 2 years ago after our beautiful 12' (department store) tree got strangled in our basement flood (you don't even want to know) May 2004. I cried and cried over losing it - it was the most gorgeous tree I've ever seen! But now, I realize that it was probably a good thing that the tree is buried in the landfill, and I've moved on to a more manageable one. The old one took us 7-8 days to assemble, along with over 8000 multiple color lights. The new one is pre-lit, white lights, and it's only 11' tall, and much narrower than the old one.

But I do have to share that when we opened the box, and my hubby saw the all white lights, it just about got put away again! He is of the old school idea that all lights for Christmas must be colors. When he saw how quickly the tree went up, he quickly changed his mind, though! However, after assembling it, and arranging the cords just so, we plugged it in, and there were two big bare spots on the tree. After fiddling around with it, I decided to just lay a couple of strands of white lights on the bare spots and call it good.

I've reminisced long enough over the ornaments now, and I am moving on to the hearth room which is all done in snowmen. I usually leave those decorations out until the first of March, so it's not so much to put away. Tomorrow will be the garland on the staircase, and changing the upstairs quilts (both bed and wall) with winter/Christmas styles.

Maybe tomorrow, I'll be able to share my presents from my two best quilting friends. We went to brunch this morning to share our Christmas time, and it was just lovely! Stay tuned!


Carolyn said...

Your tree is should be in a magazine spread! Please share pictures of the rest of your house when you finish...I love seeing homes decorated for Christmas!

Lucy said...

oohh wowow. what a big tree... I wish I have space for sduch a big one:c) . Love to see it

Tonya R said...

The tree is "only" 11 feet tall? Oh boy. It is soooo gorgeous with all the lights and ornaments. Looks like big kitty is prowling around. Hope he doesn't "help" with all the sparkly bits.

Tracey said...

Oh Sharon, that is soooo pretty!! It looks very full and is decorated so lovely. Now I have the strong desire to put up our downstairs tree...right after I come back from my quilt shop (thanks to Joanne and her pics!) LOL! I can't wait to hear about your time with your quilting friends. :o)

Darcie said...

All of your efforts with your tree are so very evident, Sharon! It's lovely!

I'm looking forward to seeing what you exchanged with your quilting friends!


Dawn said...

OH your tree is beautiful! I'm still bugging my DH to go cut one down for us! He usually gets around to it the week before xmas!