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Friday, December 30, 2005

More on the beach

Yesterday, we spent a long day, bathing in the sunblast on the beach under an umbrella. We watched kids playing in the surf, took a few walks along the beach, and napped a bit. With all the time there, I got a bit more sun than I intended, so today, I am just sitting by the pool, reading my book.

Speaking of reading books, so far since we've arrived, I've read:
Ann Rule, Worth More Than Dead
Paolo Coehlo, The Alchemist
Anita Shreve, All He Ever Wanted

and now I am reading Alice Munro's short story collection: Runaway.

Today, Kevin went on the ferry across to St. Maarten for his annual shopping trip. He always comes back from the day with a treasure for me. Last year, it was a beautiful Lalique purple heart on a silk cord, saying it was my reward for taking care of him so well during the last year. I wonder what this year's treasure will be?

Last night, we had dinner at our very special place, Cove Castles. The chef is from Lyons, France, and the staff always welcome us "home". We had lobster, infused with truffles. I skipped dessert, but Kevin had his traditional mango creme brulee.

Tomorrow, I think, we are are going to try to make it to a small art gallery for a showing of Haitian art. I've heard there is a quilter there, too. It will be intersting to see what's there.

If only I had a sewing machine.......


Bonnie said...

I'm so glad to read your update! I envy you this island trip each year :c) I want to thank you for the wonderful christmas card and the yummy cocoa! I enjoyed it on christmas eve in front of the fire :c)

enjoy the rest of your trip!


Tonya R said...

Can I come eat dinner with you guys? yum.
Ooh, cool, getting to see Haitian art - I hope they have some of the sequined voudou flags - I have been entranced with those since learning about them this year. Can't wait to hear what you saw.

Samantha said...

Oh, Sharon, I'm getting hungry just reading your posts! Happy New Year!