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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Gifty Exchange

I promised I would share some of the gifts from my quilting friends, so here they are!

This first one made us laugh, since two of us can vegetable/fruit during the growing season, and the third one does not. So this was her gift to the two of us canners. (She is the non-canner.) They are two canning jars; one is filled with green fat eighths for the green beans, and the second one is filled with red fat eighths for the berries. Cute eh? And such a quick little gift if you need one at the last minute for a quilter, too!

The beautfiul clock is a quilted paper pieced block. The space between the pieced designs ends up being one inch apart, and it makes a perfect time piece. It is heavily machine quilted, and the numbers are "inked" on with a pigma pen using stencils. Doesn't it make you think: "Time to Quilt!"

The same gal who doesn't do any canning, DOES do beautiful wool work, and I've been asking for one of these pincushions for two years now! It is absolutely gorgeous, and delicate and useful, all at the same time. It has found a home on the side table in my hearth room - the colors are the same. I've used a neutral green and a sequoia red in that room, so it's perfect! Now I don't have to worry about leaving pins in the arms of my sofa as I sit and sew at night!


Carolyn said...

What creative friends you have! That pincushion is absolutely gorgeous and I love the idea of the canning jars. I may have to borrow that one! :o)

Darcie said...

Oh these are all so terrific, Sharon! I LOVE the pincushion the most! I would bet the anticipation all year long is just as fun as the exchange for you girls.

Thanks for sharing.

Finn said...

Wow..those are really neat gifts, you definitely do have very creative friends..*S*

Dawn said...

Oh what FUN and beautiful gifts! I love all 3 of these ideas!

Tonya R said...

I continue to be amazed that your cats don't play with the pins - good news so that you can actually use your beautiful wool pincushion.

Sewcatherine said...

I am dying to learn how to can. I don't know anyone who knows how. I have tried books etc, but I need some hand holding. Maybe you could give us a little online lesson next time you can??!!!