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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

News and dinner menus from the Island

Lazy sleep in day while K went to breakfast. Then a slow walk on the beach, read about half a book, and snoozed under the beach umbrella. Back to the villa for another short nap and cleanup. Dinner at E's Oven. Entertainment The Happy Hits on their homemade banjos, base drum and steel drums.

Starters - Trigger fish on a bed of roasted fennel in a phyllo cup
Main - Red Hind on a bed of sweet and sour coleslaw
Dessert - Neopoleon of Pumpkin Fritter
Starters - Fish soup
Main - Grouper on a bed of rice and peas with plaintains
Dessert - Ginger creme brulee

Lazy sleep in day while K went to breakfast. Then we went to two grocery stores (actually little markets) looking for our staples for the next two weeks. Went in search of shorts that K forgot to pack, as well as some T-shirts. I found a new two piece swim suit (for an old lady!) so the day was well spent. A short nap, then clean up and out to dinner at the Top of the Palms. Entertainment was Dumpa and the Boys on the steel drums.

Top of the Palms
Starters - mozarella and tomato salad
Main - Sashimi
Dessert - coffee
Starters - Pumpkin soup
Main - Local Crayfish
Dessert - Banana creme brulee

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Tonya R said...

Aw, poor Sharon, look at how much you are suffering. It's a hard life being on vacation at the beach. ;)