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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas stars!

This is not actually a Christmas stars quilt, but I count it as one of our many blessings. My two best friends made this star quilt for my husband during his liver transplant in the summer of 2005. It is presently hanging on the design wall in my stewdio, which is now officially called the Christmas room. It's where the tree and all the trimmings are, and it's the room where we will all gather Saturday throughout the day to celebrate the special day together.

My mom's downstairs apartment is all ready. Clean sheets and towels, freshly vacuumed floors; refrigerator loaded with her favorite snacks. I'll pick her up Friday afternoon from her retirement community, and she'll stay with us until Christmas afternoon.

My daughter's family will be arriving Saturday morning after "The Boy's" nap, and having a light lunch before departing for the other side of town, and the other side of the family. Hubby's dad and significant other will be stopping by for a light early dinner Saturday afternoon - they don't like to drive after dark, so that means my mom, my hubby and I will be having a nice quiet contemplative Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day will find us on the road around noontime going across town to my niece's home for an early afternoon dinner. We'll leave mom there, and then Hubby and I will go straight to the airport!

I am so looking forward to our annual trip to Anguilla this year. To see the beach where we will be, click on "Beaches", and if you want to see the villa, click on "Accommodations". For the last three years, I've worried and fretted about my hubby's health - but it looks like this is the year we will enjoy it together! They have the most spectacular fire works on New Year's Eve, along with fantastic fresh fish for any and all meals you want it. We've been staying in the same villa for the last 20 years, so this is a celebration in itself!


JudyL said...

Sharon: The quilt is lovely and I know it meant so much to you and your husband.

Think I could fit in your luggage and tag along on the trip? No . . I don't think having me along would make for a very romantic trip but it sure looks like a fantastic place to vacation. And, I love fish!!

Enjoy your Christmas and your trip!


Tonya R said...

Very sweet, thoughtful friends - you are indeed so lucky in so many ways.

The Calico Cat said...

Lovely quilt, it looks like a warm hug. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Holly said...

Sharon - you have the greatest friends. Have a great Christmas and I'll be thinking of you on that beach!

Carolyn said...

Sharon, you are truly blessed. The quilt is beautiful, your friends must be such loving, giving people and you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your husband's health and the holidays in a gorgeous spot! Have a wonderful trip!

Dawn said...

Sharon! The quilt is wonderful! What a great gift - I love the happy colors and sparkle of it.

And I love the look of Anguilla! Ohh would I love to come along - but I guess that would spoil your time with your husband. I have to check this place out some more!

Finn said...

A really beautiful quilt in any season Sharon. How wonderful to have it and his successful surgery to remember. So happy that you have those friends to lean on when you need to.

Have an absolutely wonderful, happy time in Anquilla...enjoy every moment and come back and show us pictures..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Joanne said...

The Christmas Stars quilt is beautiful -- my kind of quilt -- lots of different colors in it!
Have a wonderful time on your trip.
Merry Christmas.

Lucy said...

Lovely friends and a lovely quilt !!!