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Monday, December 05, 2005

Baby, Oh Baby!

So now the quilt blocks that are on the design wall are calling to me! I'm trying so hard to finish some more Christmas decorating, and they just won't leave me alone! What's with that, anyway?

The top picture is how I think I am going to finish it out. The wide pink rick rack will only go around the outside. It seems to pull the pinks together, but not overwhelm the blocks.

The second one is how I really like it, but about 6 people have seen it now, and just look at me like I'm nuts. Of course, they all know my theory of "more is more and that's good".

So what do you think?


Darcie said...

Oh goodness Sharon! If what you mean to do on the second pic is to surround each and every block with the ric rac...then I AM ALL FOR IT!!! I love that setting! For me, that setting really accentuates each block...makes me want to study each block individually to see the fabrics, the piecing, etc.

Whichever setting that you decide, it will be darling! LOVE the ric rac! ;-)

Sarah said...

I agree with you - I think that each block should be surrounded by the rick-rack. Love it!


Nancy said...

The second one gets my vote. The rick rack around each block just seems to make them pop. I love it!

Caroline in NH said...

I *love* the rick rack around each block! Those other 6 people must all need glasses! LOL! :D I think adding the rick rack "isolates" each block... I think they look too busy all together without that separation.

Bonnie said...

I think the rick rack has it! The question is....DO YOU?? have the desire to do all the rickrack to all the blocks? you know you wanna! SO GO FOR IT! It's your quilt anyway...right?


Samantha said...

I'm usually a more is better gal myself, but i actually like layout #1 with the rick rack just around the outside- it ties it togetehr without overwhelming those blocks you've obviously worked so hard on!

Sewcatherine said...

Gorgeous. I will love it no matter which way you do the rick rack. I love rick rack!!!

Dawn said...

Oh good! I thought I was going to cause trouble and be different and say I love the second one with the ric rac around each block - but I see several people already said that too - wheh!

But I have to ask - is that really large real ric rac or fabric cut to look like ric rac! It is so cool looking with those blocks!

The blocks by the way are so fun!

JudyL said...

Goodness, I like them both! I love the "sweetness" of the colors in this quilt.

Judy L.

The Calico Cat said...

I like the ric rac around all of the blocks - sometimes more is more! (I liked your lucky stars too!)