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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spratt

I've been joking for the last couple of years, that as my dear hubby has lost all his weight (because of serious illnesses), we have become Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spratt. The only real difference is that my hubby must eat about 7000 calories a day just to maintain his 138 pounds! Not fair at all!

I've been getting mentally prepared to do something about all my unhealthy weight, and I just made my move! I am not getting any younger, and now that I am not a caregiver for my hubby or my mom 100% of the time, I must take the opportunity to do something for me.

We don't really watch much TV, but I watched this last season's episodes of the Biggest Loser while I sewed. Talk about inspiration! So I asked for, and received a membership with a personal trainer at our local 24 hour Fitness. I've been twice now, and I'm getting ready to go another 3 times next week before we leave town. I have a special meal plan, customized just for me. I have my personal trainer customizing my workouts and working with me. I've signed up for the aqua classes, three times a week.

I think in about 22 weeks, you will see about 30% less of me!

I know that the holidays are coming up, and that we will be out of town about 3 weeks total between our Anniversary trip to Las Vegas, and then 2 weeks in the Caribbean. But you know what? There's always something special in any given month. I just have to start NOW!!!!


Darcie said...

A big WOHOOO and a big hand of applause for you, Sharon! That is one of the best gifts that you could ask for and receive. I think personalization would be key...not all bodies--in and out--are the same. Keep us updated, won't you?!

Wow! And talk about some terrific traveling coming up! Your health program will benefit you greatly while'll hear your trainers voice every time you are tempted! ;-)

JudyL said...

Sharon: Good for you! Sounds like you are on the road to becoming healthy, fit and gorgeous!

And, have fun on those trips!

Judy L.

Bonnie said...

Way to go!! I've fallen off the wagon too and need to get back to a regular exercise soon as I get beyond the cryo surgery on tuesday, and back from a trip to the mountains! I'm trying to do as much walking as I can, but I need to do some weight training too...even DH noticed that my upper arms are a bit flabby :c(


Joanne said...

Good for you, Sharon. I love the Biggest Loser shows -- they are inspiring. I too have decided to do something -- so I started a diet the day before Thanksgiving -- how dumb was that?! LOL Gained two pounds the first week, lost those two the second week, stayed the same the third -- but I know the key for me is exercise, so I'm trying to establish that habit again, for the umpteenth time!

Sewcatherine said...

A personal trainer is what gets me into the gym. It is great and you really learn how to use the machines. After one year of working with a trainer at our gym....I now love to go and look forward to it!!! I still need to lose weight though. I know you will be very successful.

Marilyn said...

Good for you! I know how hard it is to lose the weight, but it's been so worth it to me. You're right - there's always a reason not to start on a new diet or exercise program. So the only time to get started is now! You have a great attitude and I'm sure you'll do GREAT.


Debra Spincic said...

I loved having a personal trainer--made me accountable!

In Jan I am starting the Quilters Lounge webring and one of our goals will be exercise, good eating habits and support. Please join us!