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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's Beginning to Look a Little bit like Christmas

Slowly but surely, the boxes that are being brought up from the basement are starting to reveal all those goodies I always forget about until I see them again! Here are a few of the "littles" that I decorate with around the house.

This is one of the first quilts I made - or at least one of the first wallhangings, anyway. I think it's about 50" square. I handquilted hearts until I lost the template, then freehanded hearts some more. Then I got tired of that because I chose a very difficult (called CHEAP) batting that my fingers couldn't handle, and then I tied it in the cornerstones and called it good. I use it on my table between the sofas in the hearth room, and my hubby says the little black heart is his for his little bit of humbuggedness during the season!

I did this wallhanging at an overnight retreat at a local quilt shop. It's about 45" square. Yes, I was one of those folks who stayed up all night, mostly giggling and drinking hot cocoa. I decided I wanted things a bit more 3-D, so I added the coiled metal wreath, and stuffed some imitation candies in the stocking after I got home. The bow on the outside border is about 5 spools of Offray ribbon just coiled where it wanted to lay, and tacked down with little jingle bells.

The yo-yos that make up the tree have buttons of significance - my girl scout uniform button, a button from a practice husband's coat, and some buttons from my Mom's button box. I love the sparkly snowflakes on the background. This wallhanging greets people in my entry way hall.

This "little" is probably one of my favorites, though I always have a difficult time finding a spot to put her, even though she's only about 12" X 18". I guess you could say she was one of my first "ahas" using Tonee White's Appliquilt technique. The lace circles are from one of my old dress collars, the doily is one that my Granny crocheted long ago, and I used and entire hank of embroidery thread for her hair. The bow has a bell in it, and it is simply a pretty ribbon that came on some package the day I was fooling around with this. Not much, but something a little fun, and it certainly spells out my mood in this season!


Samantha said...

Fun- thanks for sharing! I like your husband's little black heart ;-)

Tonya R said...

I can't believe you put all of this in one post - how am I supposed to comment/compliment you on it all?
I loved the yo-yo tree from the first second I saw it, but after learning of it's significance - wow. I do have to ask tho - you had a practice husband? Hmm, practicing making hubby a coat?
I love that you use meaningful buttons and handmade items etc. Wonderful. Do you document that on the back or somewhere so that your kids will know?

Darcie said...

Gracious, certainly are full of Joy this holiday season. Good for you!!!

I love all of your treasures! Hubby's black heart is funny...great sense of humor! No wonder you're keeping this one! ;-) I had to LOL at your "practice" one...I remember you saying that you practiced with some MILs! ;-)

I'm glad that you took the time to explain all of the details on your quilts. You put so much though into your pieces...makes them...and much more special to know! ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your decorating!


Finn said...

Love the pieces's such fun to see these older pieces come out for the holidays. It's our first Blogger christmas as Maverickss..sharing oldies and it!!

I think there is much inspiration in so many of your pieces. Good for you..and thanks for putting the details there for us to read. Love the YoYo tree...perfect..*VBG*

Dawn said...

Oh I love these. My husband would love the black heart because he is Mr humbug when it comes to holidays of any sort! I have to beg him all month now to go get the tree. He usually breaks down about the week before xmas. Course by then I don't care anymore to spend all that time trimming it! But I still have to have a tree.

My favorite though is the little one that is last. I love those little lace circles and all the memories in it. It is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Granny,
My friend and I are surfing for the instructions for the cute chicken pincusion. Would you be so kind to send them too us. Even tho' together we have about 100 yrs of sewing experience we still can't figure out the last steps!
Thank you,
Maria and Karen