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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Christmas Cases

I've been sewing all day! The result is fancy TEN pillowcases!

I plan on using these as gift wrap for all the little girls and boys in our family for their Christmas gifts.

There are 2 each of the stripey background with girlie stuff on them, 2 each of the construction tools, two each of the cars with flames, and one of the black and white poodle girl and one of the fashion girls on pink.

So now those are done, and I can mark them off my list. BTW, I also make pillowcases if I have leftover fabric from the quilts I make, too. They make nice storage bags when the quilt isn't being used, and I also like to use them on the bed when the quilt is out. Makes it nice so I don't have to make the quilt quite as big to have a pillow roll.


Bonnie said...

these are wonderful!! I really like the one with the workshop tools....too cool!


Carolyn said...

I love the workshop one too...but they are all adorable! What a productive day you had!!!

Darcie said...

My fave is the GREEN one with the truck! I think it's a Toyota!

They *are* all darling, Sharon! What a great idea! The kids are going to love them!

Stay warm.


Finn said...

High Five for getting all that done...*S* Did you get to use any of that new "kids" fabric??

I hope your picture will help Sarah..I typed her the measurements for cutting the other night..but had no picture to share...and of course, now I have camera troubles again...!

Dawn said...

Oh these are so fun! Last year when my daughter was a freshman in college I made her and her roommate a new pillowcase every month for a surprise package. It always had to do with the holiday or season of the month! Boy they came to look forward to those!

Aren't they fun!