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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Best laid plans....

For the last three days, I've gone to bed saying the same thing as when I got up. Today is a sewing day! And each day, something happens that keeps me from getting there.

First on Friday, it was getting all the outgoing presents wrapped and shipped to the right and left coasts of the United States. Doesn't sound like much, eh? Well, the right coast has 4 children (nieces and nephews) and a mother father (SIL and BIL). Their box had 28 gifts inside! The left coast has 2 grandchildren and a son. Their box contained 2 fleece blankies, and 18 gifts inside. The largest gift for my son had to be packed today after I found a box big enough for it!

I also finished up my Quilting Buddy Santa exchange gifts on Thursday. Now, I have them all packed and ready to go tomorrow. I can't post the pictures here yet, lest she sees what is in her box.

That was Friday and part of Saturday. We went to the post office yesterday morning, and when we got home from breakfast, the weather was SO BEAUTIFUL! I think it was in the 70's!!! So we decided to take advantage of the nice day, and finished up the trimming in the garden. Now, that meant 23 bushes around the house and in the central garden bed!!!! While Kevin was finishing cleaning up that mess, I started on the outdoor Christmas decorations. I only got so far as to put out the 10 wreaths with red bows along the walkway to the deck, and along the front of the house, before I had to call it quits! Today it is supposed to be raining, so unless we get another nice day, there will be no Christmas lights outside at our house!

So, today is a sewing day! LOL!

I am going to finish up my Pollo Loco pincushions.

That is what Clyde is sleeping on right now.

After that I need to finish up a baby quilt top and I'll post a picture of that when it's ready to go. THEN I am going to break down some of the sewing tables and start on the big Christmas tree.



JudyL said...

Whew! You've been busy but you've accomplished SO much!

Hope you get lots of sewing done today.

Judy L.

Finn said...

Holy Cow Sharon..I'd say you got ALOT done this past weekend !!
Glad that some of it was a sewing day to save your sanity..LOL..I know I sure do need my sewing days..every day!!

Sarah said...

Sharon -

Hope you finally get to have your sewing day!
The pincushions are really cute! Are they easy?


Sharon said...

The pincushions are called Pollo Locos, and they are by Miss Rosies. They're not difficult after you figure out what the instructions say! LOL! She doesn't mind if you make copies for your friends and she doesn't mind if you sell them - just not hundreds of them without her permission. So if you want the pattern, I'll be happy to share. The secret is that the chicken is made up of 6" blocks and scraps! A great way to use up the leftover scraps, for sure!

Bonnie said...

The Pollos Locos are awesome! I love their fringy heads.....looks like Clyde does too!


Debra Spincic said...

Cute picture with the cat; especially that the article says, "Best of Friends" and he is holding the pincushion!

Nines said...

How adorable!! Of course I love the crazy chickens! And don't you feel so good now that you have so many things in the mail? It makes me feel like I've accomplished a lot just to get one box in the mail! Happy sewing and good luck on getting the lights up and the tree set!

Tonya R said...

Sweet kitty and fun fringy chicks. That was a LOT of Santa mailing you did - I'm overwhelmed by a tenth of that...

Darcie said...

Wow Sharon...all of that and you still have the energy to sew! You go, girl! ;-)

Your Pollo Locos are adorable! I love their locks. Your pic gave me an idea...I have about 12 cheater blocks of Thimbleberries from way-back-when...they would make terrific Pollo Locos, wouldn't they? What have you stuffed yours with?

Clyde looks like a typical male cat...snuggley!


Dawn said...

I LOVE those Pollo Locos! They are adorable. I'll have to email you about how they are made - they are so cute!

And I'm dying to know whay you stuff them with also!

Lucy said...

They are so nice !! and the picture from your cat is fun. Cats and birds..... :c)

The Calico Cat said...

Look at that cutie kitty - I bet he tired himself out playing with El Polo Loco!