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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Baby, it's cold outside!

Kevin with his beloved rag quilt in front of tonight's fire!

As you can see from my Weather Pixie, the winds are at 27 mph, and it is 36 degrees with 76% humitiy! It's COLD!


Carolyn said...

That looks so cosy! Great job on the quilt!

Joanne said...

Are you in the area that got snow today, Sharon? We're supposed to get some tonight -- but the big storms are missing us.

He certainly looks happy with his quilt!

Finn said...

Kevin is looking good, and the quilt is looking fine..and three cheers for quilts and warm fires.

The rain has turned to snow up here north of you...just the leading edge now..but 3-5" by morning they are saying..bad rush hour in the Twin Cities.

Hope you have a nice cozy quilt to curl up with also...Hugs, Finn

Darcie said...

So glad that you are both home safe, Sharon...and warming by a lovely fire.


Sharon said...

The snow missed us overall, but we did get some big white fluffy feathery flakes before it turned to rain. It was stilllllllll COLD!