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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Home again, home again - FABRIC!

FABRIC!! FABRIC!!! FABRIC!!! (Hear Sharon breathing hard!)

When we arrived home late Thursday night, sitting outside by my garage doors was a huge box! It weighed a ton, or so it seemed. I drug it inside along with our suitcases, and didn't touch it again until yesterday.

What was inside startled me! A friend of ours (Bonnie and I) died unexpectedly a while back. Her stash was divided between the small list of on-line friends, and I thought I had already received my part. I volunteered to finish up a couple of "started" quilts for her family, as well as make a Tom Sawyer quilt for her grandson. So, I was quite surprised to open this box and find more FABRIC!

I've gotten it washed now, and it's sitting here waiting for me to press it. Doesn't it make a pretty sight, just hanging on the back of the chair?

While I was taking pictures of it, I thought I would also show you my "stewdio". It is actually a formal (four season) sunroom on the south side of our house. When we moved my mother into the house, she took over my sewing area in the finished basement, so I had to find a new home. I started only with my sewing machine and one small table. Then, we moved Mother to a retirement community, and my hubby suggested I just take over this room. Isn't he a sweetie? I heard somewhere that you can call the room you sew in a studio if it is devoted to only sewing most of the time. Studio sounds so pretentious, so mine is called "stewdio", as it is where I do most of my stewing!

Now, onto pressing all this fabric, and planning what to do with it. It's all CHILDREN fabric - little girls, little boys, little girls and little boys, kids playing, kids posing, etc etc etc. Maybe some Linus quilts for our Neonatal unit next year?


Sarah said...

Sharon -
I am sure your friend would have loved the fabric to end up in Project Linus quilts. Have fun with it!


Finn said...

Hey Sharon, glad you made it home safely again. And hope that DH is doing ok.

Congrats on more fabric to wash and iron..*S* Love seeing your "stewdio"..too cute..but nice and sunny and looks comfortable to me..*S* Kick back and enjoy it for a couple of earned it..!

Tonya R said...

Project Linus sounds like an excellent way to go with the fabric.
By Tom Sawyer quilt, do you mean a quilt made with fabric that is printed with little Tom Sawyers? Or is there a block with that name? Something with white picket fences :)
Excellent sewing room - incredible amount of light and what a table.
Glad you're back safely - hope Dad is well and Mom is coping.

Ms. Jan said...

I love your stewdio Sharon! I know Sandy will be so happy that you are putting her fabrics to good use!

Lynn Dykstra said...

what a lovely place to work!

Dawn said...

WOW - wish I had a stewdio like that! Although I might daydream out the window too much then!

The pile of fabrics are adorable! They are going to make some little boys and girls so happy!

Debra Spincic said...

Lovely space!

Finn said...

Hi Sharon, thought I'd pop over here...LOL..sorry about your toes...did I almost step on them??

That feels so weird when you are reading a blog and another part comes sliding in...LOL. The sampler is up there now too, and I promise, I'll be good..*G*

Yes...snow..tomorrow..UG! They say..for us, probably 3-5"..that's abit too much.

Sewcatherine said...

All those windows and light. So wonderful. I just moved all my sewing stuff to the basement. Not too much light there but at least it does have windows!! Could be worse:)