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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Home away from home

We left home to travel north for yet another surgery at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. We've been here so often in the last 18 months, it seems like a strange homecoming everytime we roll into town.

By sheer luck, in Spring 2004, I found a wonderful short-term lease apartment just three blocks away from the clinic. It is on the clinic shuttle route, and the WalMart van will come and pick you up to go shopping with just a telephone call. The apartments are always clean and bright; the staff is always smiling and concerned.

So here we are. My husband had a liver transplant (totally unexpected) in June 2004, and the anti-rejection medicines trashed his kidneys within 6 months. So, his brother gave him the wonderful gift of a kidney, and June 2005 found us here again, along with brother for kidney transplant. A small incisional hernia developed from the liver transplant, and that's what is being fixed this trip. It was a minor surgery, and he even got to come home afterward. Home to the apartment, that is!

So, he's in bed, knocked out from the pain pills, and I've been sewing up a storm. I always bring my sewing machine and enough projects to last a year, it seems! I can't describe what I am working on, lest the people I am sewing Christmas presents for are reading this blog.

The weather was really nice the last couple of days, but today we are getting winds from the north. I think Autumn is over here in the northland! We hope to return to Kansas tomorrow, if his pain is under control.


Finn said...

Hello from western WI..where the winds are sweeping downward towards you.

Glad you have a nice place to stay. All that medical stuff is hard enough to deal with. Many prayers and hugs for things come round right...*S*
Just keep that sewing machine humming along girl...the days will pass.

Nines said...

My dad calls that the medical revolving door. I am so glad to hear that he is doing better and that this is a relatively small procedure- but still so much stress on you I bet. It never gets easy, does it? Happy sewing and hope you both get to go home-home soon!

Sarah said...

Sharon -

Glad his surgery is over. My dad just had double hernia surgery about two months ago. Hope your hubby's recovery is quick! Have a safe trip home.


Lucy said...

Fine that you find a appartment so close to the hospital. Your husband have had heavy surgery's. I hope he will be recover very soon!

Dawn said...

Sharon - I send you best wishes for your husband. And thank goodness you have a place to stay where you fell comfortable and that you have your sewing to occupy your mind!

Tonya R said...

I echo everyone's concern, good wishes, hope for a quick recovery and finding peace of mind in your sewing. Good luck.