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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today was not a bed of roses

For any of you who know me, I rarely sew after 5 PM or 6PM, but here I am, finishing up this baby quilt at 9:30 PM. I rather like the way it turned out, and I have the bindings cut, sewn and pressed, waiting for the time it is quilted. It's about 58" square, and it will make a nice crib size quilt for some baby in the future. And, it will be nice to have one on the shelf, waiting. The backing still needs to be made, but that will take up some more mindless sewing tonight. Why am I still at the sewing machine?

Well, that good looking guy in the previous post is back in the hospital again! It took me two days to talk him into going to see his doc today, and he argued with me all the way! I know he's tired of always being sick, but ignoring it doesn't make it any better, does it?

I thought he had done way too much out in the yard over the last three days. It's been in the 90's here, and the humidity is so very high. It put me on my butt, I can tell you, and he just doesn't have any reserves for that. He is down to about 120 lbs now, and gets dehydrated so easily. It doesn't really matter how much he drinks, his problem is absorption. I love it that he is so stubborn and works his way through and past pain, but that's the problem, too. He is so stubborn, he won't admit he can't and shouldn't do many of the things he does, or maybe not so MUCH of them! Sheesh!

And to add insult to injury, while I was admitting him in the hospital, I had my cell phone turned off. After I got home around 6PM, I found a message from my mom's oncology clinic telling me she needed two blood transfusions! I need to get her to the same hospital as Hubby by 7:30 AM tomorrow morning for that procedure. I don't know whether they'll keep her or not, but I am planning on spending a good part of the day tomorrow reading my back issues of the newspapers and some quilting magazines. I doubt that I could concentrate on any handwork right now, so I am not even going to try!

My mom has peritoneal cancer of an ovarian source (she had a hysterectomy 10 years ago), which was discovered two Novembers ago when she had her gall bladder removed. Because she has no ovaries, the cancer is all over the inside of her abdominal cavity. Treatment for an 84 year old woman with diabetes is very different than for younger ladies. She gets a lighter dose of the same chemotherapy, but spread out 4-6 weeks. She has tolerated it well, but the last couple of treatments have been harder for her, and now her blood count has really taken a dive. It is supposed to help relieve her of the worst of the symptoms, which it has, and make her good days better, and her bad days less bad. I just wonder how much longer they will even offer her this course of "treatment". She's been a real trooper, and quite an inspiration for me. Here she is the past Christmas with our Mr. Blue Eyes (just like Grandma Izzy!).


Tonya R said...

Sharon, I'm so sorry. Hope everyone is doing better soon.

That garden is incredible - so lush.

Judy said...

Oh Sharon, I am so sorry you are having to handle all this right now. Give the man a big kiss from me and I hope they are both doing fine in just a few days. Take your magazines and spend time with them.

I think they train them to be stubborn at some "man Camp", mine is the same way.

Take care of yourself too, Sharon.

Wendy said...

Just caught up with your news over the last week. The garden(s) are terrific. You really have your hands full with care-taking. Hang in there; we're thinking of you. I love the birthday girl's quilt and the little baby quilt too. How do you do it all? Super woman, for sure.

ForestJane said...

What a pair of cuties with the big blue eyes!

I'm sorry you have the family health issues to deal with right now. I'll echo Wendy, just hang in there.

And your gardens are lovely!

anne bebbington said...

You're having a tough time right now - caring for everyone else - make sure you don't knock yourself up - try and take some moments out for yourself - thinking of you

love the last picture

Anne in the UK

joyce said...

I'm with Anne on the take care of yourself comment. Don't burn out caring for others. That won't help them or you. Easier said than done I know. Hope everyone is doing better soon.

Dawn said...

Oh Sharon - I feel so much for you! I've been there with parents with cancer and a sick husband, although not as bad as your poor husband long term (just really, really bad for 3 months). Your mom's picture with Mr blue eyes is so wonderful. That picture needs to be blown up and saved for him - what a treasure that will be to him someday!

Please take care of yourself.

Karrin Hurd said...

Sharon, will keep you and Kevin and your mother in my prayers.

I think John could use a little more of Kevin's energy and pushing himself through pain, etc, and Kevin could use a little more of John's babying himself.

Big hugs, Karrin

Screen Door said...

I'll pray of them, God's hands never leave them. But I'll pray for you,too. They are getting excellent medical care that they need. But I want someone looking out for you too. It's so hard seeing your loved ones hurt. You feel so helpless.

Take care

Ann said...

Oh, Sharon, here's a great big hug for YOU (((((sharon)))))) I just thought you could use one! As the others, my prayers are with you. Take good care of yourself.

Darcie said...

You've got lots praying for you and your loved ones. Know that I will be thinking of you as well. Take good care of yourself...drink plenty of water (add some fresh's so refreshing!)

Your gardens are so beautiful! When you get everybody back on the healing can come teach me a thing or two. ;-)