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Friday, May 26, 2006

A GOOD Friday

Daughter called this morning to see if we wanted Stephen Superboy to come and play today while she ran errands. Well, of course, we did! He had to inspect the gardens....

This is in front of the south garden that is mostly in the shade, and it's the last place we weed. Anything we plant is just salad for the deer and the turkey, so we mostly let it go wild. The only "good" things I plant here are birdhouses and metal yard ornaments.

Here he is inspecting the daisy centers. He loves the way they feel, I think. This is the central bed edge. I'll post more of it another time.
This is the side of our house where the deck runs along side on the north. I am standing in the driveway, looking west to take this picture of the shrub roses and the magnolias, clematis, hosts and columbine.
This is the same flower bed, looking back east where I was standing when I took the previous picture. It's the other end of our deck near where I am standing.
Then I took my mother to the cemeteries today, to dress 14 graves. We always do them all the same flowers, and it's quite nice to look back and see our entire family together, by seeing the same colors splashing across the lawns. The two yellow bunches in the lower right are the tail end of our section. While we were there, this unusual sight greeted us. The horses and the original 1890's hearse came from Odessa Mo for the services. I'm sure there is some story there.
And this is what I just finished playing with tonight. I hope there's more tomorrow! You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them, too.


joyce said...

I love the arrangement of your blocks. I have been contemplating a sampler and have never seen one with sashing like this. Great idea! It looks very difficult but on closer inspection I don't think it is.

Ms. Jan said...

Hey Sharon,
LQS still has your focus fabric if you need more!
Lookin' good!!

ForestJane said...

Aww, such a cute picture of SuperBoy with the daisies!

Maybe he's not feeling the center, he's counting the petals to find one he can play 'He loves you, He loves you not' with. :)

Peni said...

What a cute daisy cherub!

And you haven't many blocks to go if that quilt is to be square. I really like the diagonal pattern of the alternate blocks...I'm a sucker for on-points or diagonals!Like the touch of blue, too.

Darcie said...

What a helper Stephen is! Your yard is beautiful Sharon...lots of sweat equity!

We'll soon get to see pics of your two granddaughters. Your son will be so lucky to have you for support!

Dawn said...

I love super boys picture with the daisy's!