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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Baby Baby Baby

This is the most loving little boy! I got to spend Monday with our little Stephen. He loves books, and he will spend hours and hours with them. He especially loves pictures of animals, and makes the their sounds when he sees them. He even does elephants! Take note of the Baby Looney Toons bibs panel hanging on the chair behind him.
I purchased this panel about 11 years ago when I found out I was going to be a Grandma (Oma) the first time. Did I ever make the bib? Nope. But it's been hanging around, and every time I have a new grandchild, I pull it out again. Five grandchildren now, and still no bibs. Stephen was born Oct 30, 2004, and once again, Baby Looney Toons saw the light of day. Instead of being made into bibs, I used it to cover my Pfaff Hobby Quilter since then. Every time Stephen comes to visit, however, he insists on dragging the panel around with him. He especially loves Baby Sylvester - it's the picture he is kissing!

He also has fallen in love with my stone cast cat. This cat is HEAVY, HEAVY, HEAVY!! It usually sits on the edge of the drapes in my dining room to keep me from breaking a toe (again!). He discovered it a couple of visits ago, and I pretty sure he thinks it's real! He talks to it, pets it, gives it kisses, and feeds it.

Occasionally he'll drape a long rope of beads he plays with around it's neck, and jabber at the cat. I couldn't figure out what he was doing, until his mommy told me she thought he was putting a leash on it like they do for their dog, Sasha when they go out for a walk. Sasha's leash is red, too. That is probably it, as Stephen tries to walk away with one end of it, and of course, the cat is stubborn and refuses to budge. Then he turns around and claps his hands at the cat and jabbers some more.

We love playing with him, and we can hardly wait until the weather stays nice now, so we can play outside.

Tomorrow is sewing day....YAY!


Dawn said...

Oh my gosh he is ADORABLE! And look at that look of concentration while reading his book! Don't you just want to be in their minds sometimes! Oh Sharon - what a super adorable little guy! And poor kitty - or should I say poor Stephen! He just wants him to be a friend and real!

Karen said...

What a darling child; what beautiful eyes and forehead and what a precious personality. Wasn't that clever of him to put the leash on the cat. What great a picture you caught of him embracing that pooooor concrete cat, who as Dawn puts it, wants to be a Real Kitty. You are quite a photographer! K.

Laura said...

What precious pictures and stories!
He is a real cutie!

Ms. Jan said...

Sharon, Stephen is gettin soooo big! And he is a real cutie. Love the pictures and stories.

ForestJane said...

Awwwww - I think he needs a real kitty soon... :)

My favorite picture is him trying to give the cat a cracker. What a little doll he is! You're going to have to make him a little pillow or something with that bib fabric, I think.

Patti said...

What precious grandson pictures. Children are such a wonder and a joy. I am so very eager to have grandchildren!

Darcie said...

What a sweetheart! He's so fortunate to have a Gram like you, Sharon!