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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Kansas City MQS - part 2

The theme of the show was Putting on the Ritz.

This is a family tree that I thought was executed quite nicely.

Another great quilt that is truly enhanced with the machine quilting!

I just liked the composition of this one.

I wonder who might like these cats?

The quilting on this one is my favorite. The embroidery was done from Mary Englebriet's children in the magazine. I think I read that they were enlarged for the pattern. But the quilting is wonderful!!!!! Each area around the children is specific to what they are doing. Rain and wind for the kids with the overcoats; little flowers for the little girl holding the flowers, etc. And each one of them just flowed into the next. I just love it!

This one also falls into my favorite category, too. Look at how that quilting is "shadowing" what the clown is juggling!

Take a close look at this machine. I couldn't get a clear shot of it because it was on a motorized turntable, with all sort of other displays around it. But if you click for the larger version, you can see what has happened to it!

I've been a bit busy today, taking a weekend workshop with Rayna Gilman and Jette Clover. Pretty nice way to spend a Mother's Day weekend, eh? But I can tell you right now, this has been a really great class, and it's only 1/2 over! Workshop pictures another day.


Tonya R said...

Wooow, incredible quilting. I really love those redwork children (which amazes me - I would never have thought I'd choose that one). And the cats are marvelous.

Enjoy your workshop. Wish I could be there.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Wonderful quilts! The quilting is amazing ... and intimidating. How can other techniques compete with what can be done by a long-arm with a stitch regulator? Arrgh! Thanks for including the collaged sculpture.

Ms. Jan said...

Great show, thanks for sharing!!

Ann said...

Very neat variety of quilts. Thanks for sharing. I like the first one, but not sure I could have covered those gorgeous sun blocks with applique. Wonder if this is a "self portrait" of the artist? hehe

Judy said...

WOW!! That's about all you can say! I love how she used feathers on the red quilt to define the area for each kid and chose the meander to match the scene. I love making peebles like th eones behind the boy shooting marbles!

Love the cats quilt and I am amazed at how tiny those little feathers star points are! wow!

Great pictures!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Oh, golly, if I could just choose one to bring home, it would have to be those dude cats in the ties. Thanks for the show, Sharon.

Dawn said...

I enjoyed the pictures so much! I love that family tree one! Wow, if only I had the patience to make something like that - (and have it turn out good)!

The Calico Cat said...

Thanks for the quilt show! (I have that cat pattern - it was originally done in brights - I like the neutrals too!)

ForestJane said...

I love the cat one, especially all the siamese looking ones!

The expressions are priceless... :)

Shelina said...

Thanks for the quilt show! Very nice. I'm not a long armer - well, I have a hard time quilting in any medium, but very fun to drool with envy.