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Monday, May 22, 2006

Garden Time

Double pink peony, 2006

I haven't gotten much quilting done, even though at the end of each day, I wander into the stewdio and dream. Sigh.

We've had glorious weather, and we decided we should get out in the yard and get things done before it gets too hot. You see, here in the Heartland, we have what we call Real Estate weather (perfect) and Real Weather (hot, hot, hot) in the spring and summer. Right now, it's Real Estate Weather, and with two acres of yard, with almost 1/2 of it in either flower or vegetable gardens, it's a lot of work. We love it, but it does take a big chunk of time!

I estimate I have carried about 4000 pounds of dirt, mulch, sand and rocks over the last 4 days; sweated about 16 gallons of Gatorade (funny how it isn't the same color as what I drink!); put together one fountain; and planted 15 poppies, 3 Cranesbill geraniums, 16 moss roses, 18 hosta, 3 Penstemmons, and 3 Speedwells. I still have another fountain to put together, and 3 flats of petunias to get in - one in the wheelbarrow in the dry wash and one on the back patio edge. That doesn't count how many lilies I've divided and planted, or the 18 bags of yard waste that are sitting by the curb for the recyclers to pick up.

So, with no quilting done, and the yard isn't quite dressed yet for all it's pictures, I thought I would share some friends of mine from last week.
Here is "Buddy", my daily visitor. I think he wants to come quilt with me, because he always comes to the same tree right outside the window where I sew. He will stay about 30 minutes, chirping away, hopping closer and closer. I can even get right up to the window, moving around, and he stays. I've started talking to him recently, and the last time he came to visit, he brought Mrs. Buddy with him. I am hoping their children will come to visit sometime, too! These pictures were not zoomed, and they were taken through the window glass.

When I was working in one of the smaller beds, I kept hearing a tree frog croaking, but I assumed he was under a rock - not hanging onto the branch of a plant I was getting ready to clean up!


Judy said...

Love cardnials! My mothers back yard has a pair that have been there for years!

I'll take some pics of the cat trees for you!

Dawn said...

Oh Buddy is beautiful! But he doesn't look like a cardinal - he doesn't have that tuft on his head and he almost looks too red! What is he? And your flowers are gorgeous!

KCQuilter said...

Buddy's cousin has been hanging out by the waterfall of our pond lately!!! Boy, does he ever add a pop of color! Your yard sounds wonderful.

Tonya R said...

Wow, you have been busy. Incredible yard tho and I hope the vegetables are delicious. Gorgeous peony and I'm amazed at Buddy.

joyce said...

What a lot of work! We also have a big yard but lately I find I'd rather be quilting.

Karen said...

You are a Dedicated Gardener for sure, so much manual labor!! I have a big yard, too, but I'm with Joyce, don't want to think about it, I just want to quilt! K.

joyce said...

I just re-read my comment and it sounded really crabby. Must be all the crab grass in my flower beds.

Carolyn said...

Your yard sounds wonderful and the peony is gorgeous! I may have to try some of those in my gardens. Sometimes we create beautiful things with fabric and other times we create beautiful things with the gifts of nature...enjoy your time in the yard creating!