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Friday, May 12, 2006

Quilts from Kansas City MQS

Here are some of my favorite quilts from the show, and I've tried to take a close up of what impressed me the most of the quilting. For you longarmers, I hope this is good enough. As a non-long armer, I look at the quilts first, then the quilting. Many of the quilts I saw were somewhat disappointing. Just because you can (add rhinestones, deep threadwork, trapunto) should you? Does it enhance the quilt design? None of those here in *blogland*, just some of my favorites. I'll post the last of them tomorrow, including my MOST favorite!

This quilt began life as a whole cloth quilt. When it was finished being quilted, she thought it needed color. Can you believe that ALL of the color in this quilt is from colored pencils and textile markers? It is beautifully quilted, and all I could think was how afraid I would be of messing it up with my colors! The picture following it is the backside of it.

I thought the piecing on this one was incredible, and while the color choice was not my favorite, I could see how it enhanced the quilt design. And talk about enhancing the quilt design - take a look at the quilting in the second picture!

I would never have thought of taking a delicately embroidered quilt and machine quilting it. I love how traditional it looks, and how nicely the quilting "fits" with the quilt design.

I just couldn't resist taking this photo. I am celebrating 8 years in July!

More tomorrow!


Nellie Bass Durand said...

That surely is impressive quilting. And the quilts are wonderful, too. Thanks for sharing them.

Tonya R said...

She added all the color AFTER the quilting. Holy cow, that takes guts. Thanks for the quilt show.

Ann said...

Thanks for sharing. I'd have never thought of coloring AFTER it was quilted. I'd want to color first in case I mess up! and I love the little one at the top. I want one of those for my sewing room door!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

THIS is the way to go to a quilt show! Without leaving home, getting in traffic, blowing the budget, and coming home with sore feet! Thanks for sharing these; eager to see the next round! --NP

Dawn said...

Oh more gorgeous quilts! I just love cross-hatching when it is done beautifully like this! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures!