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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bead Blast

It's been a wet and drizzly last few days, and today was more of the same. After having days of 70's and 80's, it is more like Spring now, the way it should be. The grass is beautifully green, and all the spring perennials are starting to shoot up and bloom. But, still, with it so wet, it was a good day to be somewhere else.

We have a local beadery group who sponsors Bead Blast every year. I've heard a lot about it, but I've never been able to go due to one thing or another - usually another. But I found out that it was this weekend a couple of days ago, and this morning, bright and early, a friend and I went about 30 miles north to see what kind of trouble we could get into!

About 30 minutes after we arrived and we were browsing beads, beads beads, and more beads, my name was called. Hmmmmm, wonder who wants me? What's happened at home? Why didn't they call me on my cell phone? Turns out that I had won a door prize. And a nice door prize, too - one that you could choose from all the different vendors who had contributed. Here's my prize! A fused glass pendant with a foiled dragonfly inside - it's about 1.25" square, and it's got a hole in it so it hangs on point! This is the best picture I can get of it, though.

And these are all the beads I came home with. Let me tell you that having a bead stash is a whole lot more expensive than a fabric stash, and it sure doesn't take up nearly the room as fabric.

These aren't nearly as pretty as Tonya's bead tour from the other day, but I like them a lot. I am working on a theme in my head - "my heart overfloweth" There's foiled hearts, shiny hearts, black hearts, polka dot hearts, pimply hearts, milleflore hearts, and lots of assortment of reds, pinks and purples to offset them. And of course, I just had to have a little bit of blue and gold too!


Finn said...

Ohhhh Sharon, they are such pretty things....a treasure of trinket type thingys with lots of possibilties..such fun to anticipate what they will all become..*VBS* Love the dragonfly piece you won

Judy said...

Oh Sharon after looking at the new Embellishment book I am looking at beads in a whole new light. Something else I don't need to start collecting **VBG**, but oh they are sooo pretty.

Love the bead you won!!

ForestJane said...

I think you need a macro camera to take pix of all these lovely gems! I wanted to see them closer.

What IS a pimply heart? Sounds like a highschooler's heart. :)

Tonya R said...

Oooh, pretty shiny. Personally I prefer the beautiful glass beads to the stones and semi-precious stuff we get here. The shops here definitely have the abundance thing going tho. Love the idea of all the hearts. Think I could make some great jewelry from this stash too!

Darcie said...

Oooh Sharon! I can't wait to see what you work up with these beads! Good for you!