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Friday, June 02, 2006

After the storm

It's been a busy week, going back and forth between the hospital and home, then between my mother's and my home. I did manage to squeeze in a mammogram and chest xray for myself (no pun intended), and oh yes, a little shopping at WallyWorld, too.

Dear one will be released to come home Saturday morning, so that will give a bit of my own time back to me. On the other hand, we need to work out how he is going to manage to stay indoors out of the heat and still get everything done outside that he wants. I think there will be a tradeoff between my doing the outside work now, and him doing the inside work when he wants to. Both the nephrologist and the internist want him out of the heat, so now he's heard it from more than me. We'll see how that works out.

While other people in Kansas take cover when a storm moves in, we go out and take pictures. We just love the stormy weather, and it is always different everytime you look.
As the storm approaches from the west at about 4 PM:
In just a few minutes it gets even darker and there's a little bit of counter clockwise revolutions to the spin

The above two pictures were taken standing at the same spot within a matter of a couple of minutes, looking a little to the north on the second one. Then the rain came and drove me inside, where I sewed about 600" of binding and a couple of quilt backs. When the storm was over, I stepped outside again, and this is what I saw:

And the shining faces of good old standby Jackmanii clematis is a nice way to end a dark week that promises to get better. This always reminds me that you always appreciate the sunshine more after a dark dreary day with rain.


Karen said...

What a gorgeous storm photo with the clear sky beyond!

Judy said...

I just love flowers! They always greet you with smiling faces and give their all!

Glad to hear everyone is doing better and you are doing well too. I say if he must, give him 30 minutes a day sitting on the loveseat under that beautiful wooden gazebo? in the first picture. Watching but no doing. But only if he must go out. It's hot as blazes here so I know Kansas has got to be worse or just as bad. Too hot for him!

Take care!

anne bebbington said...

Glad to hear he's on the mend - typical man won't take it from their nearest and dearest - hopefully now the medics have warned him he'll listen - the clematis is wonderful

ForestJane said...

I'm glad you're seeing a little sunshine, both in the health issues and the storm clouds!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Well, it's 4:40 p.m. Saturday Near Philadelphia, so I'm thinking Kevin is home at last and your personal storm is over for now. Terrific pictures, Sharon.

Darcie said...

So glad that K's health is looking better. He will just have ot behave himself, won't he!

Hope your Mom will be next on the good bill of health. Remember to take care of yourself, Sharon!

Love the storm pictures! According to the radio, we had lots of hail and strong winds in North Dakota last night. But just rain and a wonderful lightning show here...thank God!

Rae said...

Sharon it is sooooooo important that you take care of yourself. You need some of your own time too. I know that you most likly hear that every time you turn around. And if you are like me you think "easier said then done. I would like to see you find the time when life hands you times like this." I am not just talking out of my hat. Thank God, DH is not the one needing care giving. But a little over 1 & 1/2 yrs ago my father had a stroke. 2 days from 90 yrs old. My mom was 92 at the time. It was ok when both of them were living at home. They sort of took care of each other. But then my dad was in the hospital then nursing home. My mom was living by herself (bad idea), both DH and I were working. I stopped by the hospital or nursing home each day after work. DH stopped by their house each day after work. Then DH got layed off. It was almost a relief. He spent more time at their house. about 7 or 8 months into it the apt down stairs from us (a 50's something building)became available. We moved my mom in & then got my dad out of the nursing home. We became his care givers. So it went until this past Feb. Through phnamonia (mom), heart eppisodes (dad), fall (Mom), Phnamonia again (mom), Congestive heart failure (meds are wonderful)(mom), Death (Dad). Time for oneself, rest, etc is difficult but ohh so important.
We all want you to stay ok. Our hearts & prayers go out to you.

Dawn said...

Very cool storm pictures. Hope DH and mom are doing well!