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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another trip!

This is my little 4" Garden Song piece that I worked on when I was at Turtle Moon Studio with Susan "Lucky" Shie, oh so many years ago. I made the little wheels on the inch work from fimo clay, beaded it, seed stitched it, and laughed all morning long when I was making it.

Wednesday morning finds Hubby and I on the road again! We originally planned on taking the Amtrak to St. Louis, but then we discovered that passenger service has been deemed secondary traffic on the rails, and we could be delayed as long as 10-12 hours. For a 5 hour driving trip, I think not! So, we're heading off before noon to get there by dinner time. Of course, there's a couple of nice little quilt shops along the way, so dinner might be closer to dark time than Hubby thinks:)

So, why are we going to St. Louis?

Dale Chihuly is one of my favorite glass artists. I've seen installations of his at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, at the Monterey Aquarium in Monterey, CA, and surprisingly at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He has two special installations in the United States this year - one in New York and the other in St. Louis. They are both installed in the botanical gardens. What could be better than that? Blown glass and gardens?

Here's a little tickler for you about the installation until I get back Thursday night and post some of my own.


Nellie Bass Durand said...

ooooo.....WHAT FUN! The inch worm piece and your excursion to see Chihuly's glass art in a St. Louis garden. Can't wait to see your posting on that.

joyce said...

The inch worm piece is very cute. THe glass installation should be amazing. Cant wait to see you pix.

Tonya R said...

Great little quilt. I'm so envious of you seeing Dale Chihuly's work. Have an excellent time.

Patti said...

Oh Sharon! You need to make a trip out here! There is Dale Chiculy's glass museum in Tacoma less than 2 hours north of us. It includes a garden with a glass bridge that you can walk over! We can see many examples of Chiculy glass, especially in Seattle. What a feast for the eyes!

ForestJane said...

4 inches square? wow!

You got a lot of detail into a little quilt! And now you've got me singing that song too... lol

Linda C. said...

There is a fairly recent installation of a 4-story Chihuly work at the Children's Museum in Indianapolis. I'm thinking of going with my grandson on Saturday. If I do, I'll post a picture to my blog ( The museum is spectacular, and you might also check their website.

It is suspended in an atrium, with a rotating circular couch underneath, so you can sit and look up into it. They also made plastic replicas of some of the pieces so that children can handle them. When it opened, Dale Chihuly was enthralled by the replicas!

sharon b said...

Sharon.. I've enjoyed reading your blog. Formerly from St. Louis and loved the garden... Your quilting is beautiful. I miss St. Louis and Rolla.. So hope you enjoyed your trip. Sharon in Florida

The Calico Cat said...

Chihuly is my favorite artist (period). I'll have to look into the New York exhibit. (I love what he did at the Baltimore Museum of Art.)