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Monday, June 19, 2006

A bright and sunny day!

All my days have been filled with cleaning and reorganizing stuff recently. It started in my clothes closets until there are only 3 outfits left that I can wear. Most of the clothes were given away to friends, and a few went to Goodwill.

Next, I started on my two guest bedrooms where my two grand daughters will stay for a while before they have their own place. I had to put all the quilts (about 30 of them) away properly instead of laying spread out on the bed. Then I had to make the beds in children appropriate sheets and covers, wash all the towels to make sure they smelled nice and fresh, and put away all the adult accessories in the rooms away someplace safe.

Then, I tackled the former stewdio, which is located on the lowest most level of the house; now a Nanny's apt. I originally used this space for my sewing, and I even had custom cabinetry made for the stash. Then my mother came to live with us, and I moved my stuff (less the stash) upstairs to my present stewdio (formerly the sunroom), and she lived in her little apartment downstairs. Now, she's moved to a retirement community, and my son will move into the apartment. Of course, he will be happier if he didn't have to walk over piles of fabric everywhere! I have so much fabric that I just took and "dropped" in place, and several gifts and a pile of books and magazines too. It's somewhat overwhelming - BUT I'm working on a little bit of it at a time so hopefully, it will all be sorted and put away real soon!

Today, my friend Carolyn came over and spirited me away for lunch and a little shopping. I haven't purchased much fabric this year - I am loving using what I have in my stash. BUT, I just didn't have the right 30's reproductions to border my little windblown sunbonnet sue. So, today we found some - and a few other fat quarters I just had to have. And, isn't this tiny iron the cutest? I've already tried it out, and it truly gets quite hot! So, it is my take-along iron for classes and traveling! A nice happy day!
UPDATE:You can see the mini-iron's details and purchasing information here.

Of course, Clyde had to monitor the situation and give his approval!


Tonya R said...

Fun, happy fat quarters - I can see why they had to follow you home.

Great picture of Clyde who looks almost exactly like my Howler,whom I can NEVER take good photos of.

Shellie said...

What a cute little iron! I love the colors in the fabrics you got. It was so nice of your friend to get you out for a cleaning break.

Esteemarlu said...

I hope you don't mind me dropping in. I'm new to blogger. I love your little iron would you mind saying where you bought it? Love your fabrics.

anne bebbington said...

That little iron looks just the most useful little thing to have - love the fabrics too - such fun!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I've been very good about not buying fabric, too. But I feel a serious lapse coming on after looking at those lovely pieces you got! And that iron is JUST the thing to take on vacation -- tell more, please!!!

The Calico Cat said...

good luck - at least you have a kitty snoopervisor!

Judy said...

Oh Sharon, I ma a big sucker for any dots or swirl fabric. Love the little iron too.

My cat Pixel loves to sit on my chair back while I sew! What is it about strange places to sit?