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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Going Absolutely batty!

Today, I was a good girl and went to the gym early this morning. I know I haven't posted my June weights and measures...there wasn't anything to report that was different. I think we can safely say that May was a "learning" month. I didn't lose any weight, and I didn't lose any inches, but I did gain a sense of how much food is too much! So, this month, it's to the gym twice as much as before, and half as much food as I ate in May. 'Nuf said about that!

We had a much needed lovely rain yesterday, and while today is somewhat humid, it is still a beautiful day. It's too mushy to work in the garden, so I have the windows open in the stewdio, with a cat in each of them, too. I've decided to get some things in order,and one of the biggest tasks is to make larger battings out of cut off pieces. How many of you throw your batting scraps away? I throw them away, but only if they are less than 12" wide. Other than that, I piece them together. It's amazing how many more batts you can get just by using that "waste".

Tomorrow, my friend Carolyn and I are going to meet with the manager at the Duschene Clinic about needs for quilts. The Duschene Clinic is part of the Kansas City Free Clinic, and there is also a pediatric part called the Turner Clinic. I will know more about them after our meeting, but we've donated to the Duschene Clinic before when my father died. They serve the poorest of the poor in our area. We thought we might check with an under-served organization who might need quilts rather than one that is already fully supported. I am hoping for some exciting news about that!

My friends, Shirlee and Carolyn and I decided we missed doing a quilt for charity each year. So we started with our stash and found orphan blocks to use up. That's what my pieced battings will be used for. I have 3 preemie size quilts and a toddler quilt all done and quilted so far. I found another small baby quilt in my stash as I was cleaning, and then I have one more of Shirlee's Crosses quilts to bat and quilt today.

Now, if they would only do some quilting, too!


Dawn said...

Yup, I piece my batting for charity quilts also! In fact I was doing just that this weekend!

sharon b said...

Sharon, love your blog.. Yes, I piece ends of batting together for other charity quilts.. I make small quilts for a neonatal unit.. I need to get going on some for this year.. you have inspired me to press on.. Love your cats.. My Oni and Booker need to learn how to quilt instead of sitting in the middle of projects...Sharon B in florida

Judy said...

So what method do you use to join the batting pieces?

When I make a quilt in sections I always sew together the batting for the 2 sections with a herringbone stitch. It's a great stitch and it doesn't pull the sections into a bunch.

I keep my left over sections for using for just this reason. I'm pinning sections of a quilt right now where the sections are about 36 X 24. I keep the smaller ones for any small wall hangins, but I'd love to join them for other quilts too. Great idea!

Nellie Bass Durand said...

I, too piece batts. The edges are overlapped and both are then rotary cut through in a serpentine line. The excess pieces are removed and I use the herringbone stitch to seam them together. I use a curved needle so the edges stay aligned and flat on the table. Works well for me ... I'm one who just cannot throw away anything ... although I do discard the trimmed away parts.

Tonya R said...

Those are happy, pesty cats. I do piece together big pieces of batting. If it's smaller then I use it for making a gift bag or crusty and if it's really small then it goes in the stuffing pile.

Karen said...

Yes, if only we could put all of these cats to work!

Katie said...

I have been saving some large pieces of batting and wondering if I could join them together. I know what a herring bone stitch is but what thread do you use? How far do you go into the batting? Any other suggestions?

Love the kitties!

ForestJane said...

Those are comfy looking cats!

I don't think you could teach them how to quilt but you MIGHT be able to teach them to use their needle sharp claws for basting pins... :)

Darcie said...

Sounds like you've got some great projects for great causes going, Sharon! Good fun for you and your girlfriends too!

I also piece batts together. And...I use my cotton ones for an alternative to Swiffer cloths!

The Calico Cat said...

AUGUST.... I am 99% sure that my husband & I are going to the Chihuly exhibit in NYC in August.

kcamou said...

Cute cats! Thanks for visiting my site. I'm enjoying yours quite a bit. And I will definitely be piecing my leftover batting together from now on... thanks!