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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Small Charity Quilts

These are some of the "reclaimed" orphan blocks and stuff my friends and I are using for the little charity quilts. All of these will go to Linus in Kansas City.

My daughter stopped at a garage sale a couple of days ago, and called to asked if I wanted FREE quilting stuff. What's not good about that? Besides 3 rotary cutters, some template plastic, a self healing mat and some nice little boxes of pins, there were some hunks of older type calicos. They were a nice complement to use with the older orphan blocks from way back when.

We all are feeling pretty good that the orphans and older fabrics will be finding a good home after all these years of languishing in our stash boxes.

Now, I am needing to get ready to pack up for our annual trip to Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN for Hubby's kidney/liver transplant reviews. I think I have a plan - it's just a matter of finding what I want to take! LOL!

Happy and Safe Fourth of July to all!

Shirlee's Whirling Star - 21" X 33"

Sharon's Baby Animals - 31" square

Shirlee's Crosses and Stars - 44" X 51" (not quilted yet)

Shirlee's Mariner's Compass - 35.5" X 37" (notice two blocks cut in half to frame the center)

Shirlee's Blue Sails - 19" square


Ms. Jan said...

Great work--Happy 4th--Hope Mayo results are the best ever!

Judy said...

Very nice charity quilts Sharon..pass along my praise to Shirlee too!

Good luck to you and hubby for his screening stuff. Pick a good project as I'm sure there will be waiting to be done.

Nines said...

Love these sweet little quilts- and so glad they are going to be adopted into good homes! Know you must be a bit nervous, but best wishes for a safe and happy trip to Mayo! Can't wait to see what you get done!

ForestJane said...

Nice quilts! I'm sure the linus folks will love them. :)

GL on your trip to Mayo. Planning on some fabric shopping on the way there or back?

Darcie said...

You'll certainly be in my thoughts and prayers will your dear hubby during your trip to Mayo.

Good job with the once UFOs! Such a terrific cause.

Rae said...

They are all so wonderfull. You have all done a great job & I am sure all of the little quilts will be well loved.


Katie said...

Always nice to be given those little quilting extras. Quilts in pics so precious. I have a friend who is coming up on her 12th year of liver transplant. She continues to do great. Hope your hubby's check up is great too.

Susan said...

I love the idea of cutting blocks in half to make the corners. I have some I might use that way on the American Hero quilts. Thanks! Your rescued blocks are wonderful!

Good luck at Mayo. I'll be thinking of you and your DH.

Lucy said...

Lovely lovely speical the shirlee's blue sails.......

Anonymous said...

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