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Monday, July 17, 2006

Bundles of creativity!

You don't think I need to put on this creativity patch to get the juices flowing with all this fabric, do you?

I had the hardest time with my brain and trying to buy so much fabric. I finally went through the store, putting fabric in my cart for each specific project. That's more or less how I have them organized on this page, too.

Now, remember this all took me three days, and the fabric was in a jumble everywhere! It was on the floor, on tables on bolts, on tables in flat folds, on the wall in bins, under the table in bins, in shopping carts and under patterns, too! They were re-setting the store, but I think maybe they were always in disarray. It just made the hunt all that much more fun!

The fabric on the left is 5 yards each of Marsha McCloskey's Staples on top and Ambrosia by P&B Textiles. The one on the right is 3 yards of Print Concepts, It's a Cat's World After All (I have no idea why!).

These are mostly, but not all, Mary Englebreits that were on the super duper reduced table. I think there's one that Finn just recently got, too - the yellow one?. These will be for my "kite" quilt like the one I saw being made in my Gwen Marston class last spring. It's on the bottom of this page called Pam's Controlled Spider Web.

Hubby really, really liked these two 5 yard cuts he found under a table on the last day of shopping. The yellow one had some sort of black streak running the length of the fabric, and we didn't see it until it was being measured. He sort of expressed how unhappy he would be about not getting this particular fabric because it was so happy. Sooooooo, they asked him if 99 cents a yard would be enough of a reduction. You can see it made it home, so way to go Hubby! These two are going to be used for gift quilts for 6 of the Sisters of Charity who work at the Clinic.

These fabrics are all between 3 and 5 yards and I am planning on making 9 lap quilts for Duschene Caritas Clinic Diabetic Education graduation (reward) quilts. They need to be completed by February.

These? These were some reproductions that I just liked, and I think they might be a nice addition to the Kite quilt, too.

Brights, and black and whites, and whites and blacks for the Beaver Island Gwen Marston retreat in September.

Now lest you think I broke the bank, here's the scoop. I purchased 80 yards for under $3.00 per yard! Made it all worthwhile, and besides I was able to use up about 12 hours of my Rochester time shopping for fabric! LOL!


Tonya R said...

Thank you for the pics of the fabric. Wheeeee - how much fun is that. I look forward to seeing the kites quilt. And did I read correctly - 9 lap quilts by February? Wow, you've got your work cut out for you, generous woman.

Andrea said...

Wow that's a lot of fabric! And what a deal!

I currently only have 26 yards of fabric in my stash but that still seems like quite a bit to me considering I'm not used to having that much fabric around!

I'm a new reader of your blog too. Just wanted to say hi!

Screen Door said...

This is better than Christmas!!!!Beautiful finds...everyone loves a deal.Enjoy.


joyce said...

What was the name of that quilt shop???? I am in envy of your pile of fabrics but also of the fun you must have had rummaging through all that fabric. Good thing you had some projects in mind or how would you choose?

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Oh, you did GREAT! I keep a little notebook and write all the quilts I want to make and needed yardage in there - when I go shopping I shop from that list. Sometimes it takes me a few trips to get everything I want for a particular quilt, but at least when I shop it is for a purpose. Also, when I come across a great sale, I know exactly what to look at! I have to shop fast with a toddler. It sounds like you had a wonderful poke through that fabric store!

What fun quilts you are going to make with these choices!


Karen said...

Talk about FUN; your fabric choices are wonderful. You have a lot of charity quilting on your To Do List! Maybe your husband can help you with that :-).

dot said...

Wow! I feel like I was just shopping in a virtual quilt shop. Great fabric, thanks for sharing with us. What a great find you hubby came across. I look forward to seeing all the great quilts you make with this fabric.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

You GO girl. Glad you are keeping the fabric industry healthy!

Linda_J said...

WOW, Sharon! I almost feel like I have hit the vendors at a quilt show. You must have storage space the size of the Grand Canyon to put 80 more yards in there, LOL. Shopping with purpose.

Karrin Hurd said...

Wow Sharon, love your choices!

sharon b said...

Wow!.. This is addiction.. But, good addiction.. You so win the stash war.. Laugh.. They are beautiful. Lots of work ahead for you..

Ms. Jan said...

What a haul!! Color me green with envy!

Susan said...

Great bunch of fabric! Lots of lovely, bright things to cheer you up as you work on them, and cheer the recipients, too.

Way to go!

Judy said...

You got quite a good stash there lady and at those prices too! WOW WEE!! I love the first pic because it's always so hard to find really nice beige-y background that don't look too cutsey or painted. Those are wonderful!! EVERYTHING is wonderful!!

ForestJane said...


Great selection of fabrics! It's fun to look at it and recognise pieces I have in my own stash. :)

I can't wait to see what you make with all of it!

Darcie said...

Doesn't all of this just get your heart-rate up to peak! Just as fun as working out!!! Good for you! (And I am so envious of all of your whites/blacks.)

I think your hubby perhaps needs to start helping around the SEWING!!! He's got great taste! And quite the knack for haggling prices...way to go K!