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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Getting Ready for Rochester, MN

Here's a few of the baggies of projects I have ready to put in the project box for our trip to Rochester, MN. We always rent a furnished apt (short term lease) at the same place, and the manager knows us well by now. When we arrive, she always puts a second table in the room, along with at least one more lamp! Is that great or what?

The projects are 2 reproduction baby quilts using the Minnesota Hotdish pattern by Terry Atkinson. I think they are called Minnesota Pinwheels (they are shown on the book cover in the upper left hand corner). I also have my Sunbonnet Sue Story so I can make letters ala Tonya for the border. And just in case I finish those projects before we return home, I've packed two more bags with enough fabrics to do at least two more baby quilts using the Quick Quilt book shown in the lower right hand corner. And yes, there are some little "I soy" animal blocks to put in a whacky/wonky quilt, too. As if that isn't enough, today I've added to the pile with enough things cut for a bowtie quilt from Quick Quilts. That will be my half of a raffle quilt for Duschene clinic that will be held in September. I'll have to share the story about our meeting with Duschene clinic, too.

But for now, I am going out in the yard to pull up a chair and watch all the illegal fireworks across town from my front porch:)


anne bebbington said...

What a thoughtful landlady - we usually go to holiday cotages and there is never sufficient lighting for sewing or even reading - I go stir crazy with no stitching for a week or a fortnight even if it's just a bit of hand work - suppose I ought to treat myself to one of those portable OTTlites to take away with me or something

Judy said...

It seems like you are all packed and ready to head off. I'm sure that somewhere near there is also some store that sells fabric...just in case.

Hope everything goes well and what a nice landlady.

Susan said...

Sounds like a great place to stay! Are you going to be gone several months? Sounds like it from the projects. =)

Don't you love Tonya's site? Did you see the teapots this week? I may have to try that!

ForestJane said...

Your projects look so organized! I need to do that with all my ufo's... :)

Screen Door said...

I love a woman that prepared!!!It's good that you're bringing things because you'll probably have alot of time that is "hurry up and wait". This will keep your hands busy. Good luck.

joyce said...

You will be a busy girl! Plus I'm sure that somewhere you will run into a quilting store. Would that I were so organized.