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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Projects from Rochester


This is the little basket of scraps I took with me to Rochester. Every time I started a new block, I would just piece two of them together without thinking about whether the colors went together or not. Some of them were long pieces, some were angular - all I cared about was whether they "fit". This is the last block I had time to make, and I still have all these scraps left! In total, I was able to make thirty five 6.5" string blocks.

Minnesota Pinwheels Baby Quilt# 1

This is the first baby quilt I made, which wasn't the best use of colors, I found. The yellow was just too pale, but I think the border pieces I've got next to it perks it up a bit. The lavender is a little sweet polka dot that I just love! It's a Terry Atkinson pattern from the Minnesota Hotdish book, called Minnesota Pinwheels. I thought the pattern was appropriate since I was in Minnesota. With the borders, it will be about 52" square, and I think I am going to do a soft scalloped border edge.

Minnesota Pinwheels Baby Quilt# 2

This second baby quilt is much better! I really like Terry Atkinson patterns, too! I haven't chosen a border fabric yet, but it will probably be something appropriate for a girl.


These are my half of the bowties for the September Caritas quilt that my friend Carolyn and I are making. The green part on the left is the carpet in the apartment! They were quick to make, and I think we will have them all put together in the next week or so - it is a queen size when finished out.


As I was laying out my bonus buys from Rochester, Bonnie decided to make her appearance and claim it all! She is so happy we are home, and I am back in the stewdio!

The stash buys will be in a different blog posting just to tease you another day or two!


Linda_J said...

The ties and the 2nd hotdish look like you were working in series, Sharon.

What a pretty furbaby you have rolling around on your fabric! Something about fabric needs their scent added to it, I guess.

Welcome home to you and your sweetie.

dot said...

Very nice, looks like you have been busy. Sometimes I wish I could be like a cat and just nap anywhere at any time. Oh and people would think is was cute.

joyce said...

Nice quilts. You must be so glad to be back home.

Screen Door said...

Welcome home! I love the baby quilts...There are are to be some lucky babies out there!!!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Welcome home. I guess you weren't kidding when you said you were sewing and waiting and sewing some more. You sure did get alot of sewing done in a short period of time. Kitty looks happy to see you.



Susan said...

I love Atkinson designs, too! Have you tried the Lucky Stars yet? The easiest of easy stars.

All of your quilt projects look great. I can't believe the scrap basket is still so full after all those blocks you made!

Welcome home.

ForestJane said...

Now that's a comfy looking cat!

I like all the baby quilts you've made, especially the second one, I really like those colors!

And I'll watch this space to see what fabric you've bought... lol

judyc said...

My goodness you were one prolific quilter this week!! I loved looking at the bowties because I saw about 5 or 6 fabrics in there that I also used in my Aunt betty quilt!! I love looking for fabrics I also have!

The baby quilts are fabulous. I really must get that pattern, i've seen it so often and really like how it comes out. I also looked carefully at all your sale items. Very good mix of color and style and what a great bargin!! Kitty looks happy to have mommy home!!

But what I love the most if the scrappy squares!! Those are going to look so neat all sewn together! Glad that you guys made it home and that you got so much donw while you waited through all those tests and exams!

Judy said...

Sorry, I had three comments come up under the name judyc...which I have no clue why, but I signed out and back on. That's me above with the weird name.

Tonya R said...

Your projects look wonderful. Best of all is happy cat tho. Whee, roll on the fabric. My hubby accuses me of doing that with new fabric too ;)